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0 Gauge Battery Cable

0 gauge battery jumper cables are designed to specifically meet the demands of different environs while retaining their highly flexible nature. Made from AWG copper conductor with 99.9 pure ETP or EFC, you will undoubtedly get maximum power from 0 gauge battery cables.

  • Resistant to cuts, tears, and abrasion in addition to moisture
  • Voltage rating up to 600 volts
  • Suitable for automobiles, power inverter batteries, marine batteries, etc.
  • RoHS compliant

  • Mass production 5-7 days
  • Product Name: 0 gauge battery terminal cable
  • Conductor: Plain annealed copper wire class
  • Separator: Polyester film insulation layer
  • Jacket: Rubber Standard: IEC60245
  • Operating Voltage: 600V MAX
  • Temperature rating: -35 ℃  to  85℃
  • Sheath Color: Black, Red, Orange, or as your requirements.
  • Other Cables: 1 AWG battery cable, 1 gauge battery cable, 1 gauge booster cable, 1 gauge copper jumper cable, 1 gauge jumper cable, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 gauge battery cable wire
What makes 0 gauge battery cables unique?

The 0 AWG battery cable jacket compounds and insulation are what make this cable unique. They are specifically designed to remain flexible irrespective of how harsh the climate is. They carry between -49C to 105C when it comes to the temperature rating.

1/0 Gauge AWG Power Battery Cable

The jacket is also highly resistant to water, chemicals, oil, abrasions, and sunlight. The cable features a dual extrusion jacket color-coded with inner white insulation that easily and clearly shows any damage to the assembly’s outer cable.

What is the 0 gauge jumper cables voltage rating?

The cable has a rating that’s up to 600 Volts. It’s therefore very suitable for automobile applications, power inverter battery assemblies, marine batteries assemblies, and many more. Therefore, the 0 gauge battery cable is not only flexible but also a long-lasting battery assembly that will quickly meet your application at hand.

0 Gauge Battery Wire

The 0 gauge battery wire also abides by the standard battery cable assembly protocols. This means they are also approved for marine and boat applications.

What are the applications of a 0 gauge battery cable? 

As stated earlier, 0 gauge copper battery jumper cables have broad applications. However, they are mainly used in automotive applications, both boats and marine battery assemblies; solar battery banks assemblies, welding cable leads, and amplifier wiring assemblies, among others.

0 gauge jumper cables with quick connect

A 0 gauge battery cable is your go-to choice when handling any of the above applications. Adding to that, you can order customized 0 gauge jumper cables with a quick connection from ECOCABLE.

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