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2.54mm Pitch Ribbon Cable

2.54mm pitch ribbon cable is a ribbon cable with a 2.54mm pitch IDC connector.

The ribbon cable separates easily for clean terminations with standard wire connectors and pins.

2.54mm pitch IDC connector flat ribbon cable is suitable for digital cameras, digital camcorders, laptops, LCD TVs, LCD monitors or 3D printer expansion, connecting circuit boards, LEDs, lights, and computers.

  • 2.54MM pitch connector
  • IDC connector
  • LOW MOQ 50pcs accepted
  • Product name: flat ribbon cable
  • Main material: plastic, net weight: 25G
  • Color: gray, Length: 48cm/19 inch
  • Cable width: 2.5cm/1 inch
  • Pitch: 2.54mm

An Overview of 2.54mm Pitch Connector Ribbon Cable

In computers and technology, the 2.54mm pitch ribbon cable is commonly used as a commodity for manufacturing, processing, and installation purposes. Due to its definite and reliable qualities, the 2.54mm pitch flat ribbon cable has been a valued entity and maintains its value across the market fields.

Additionally, it has been a precious tool in the data collection and communication industry for many years. It has undergone varying processes and evolution to maintain its relevance and performance.

Also, a 2.54mm ribbon cable it’s common in connecting hard drives and technical storage drives to the data collection motherboards.

Design of a 2.54mm Pitch Ribbon Cable

The 2.54mm ribbon cable is built to perform effectively while in use. It consists of varying conductors attached to the wires with spaces called pitch, which is usually 0.050 inches. The conductors range from approximately 4 to 100, depending on the cable size. Furthermore, the pitch has specific connectors attached to them.

Moreover, the 2.54mm pitch flat ribbon cable is made from PVC material with markings on the edges to distinguish how the conductors are matched to each pitch. This marking prevents errors during connections that could result in damage.

8 pin 2.54mm Pitch Ribbon Cable

The PVC material in the 2.54mm ribbon cable is built to withstand high-power applications that have a higher current flow and conductivity. Furthermore, the PVC material allows the ribbon cable to have increased flexibility and toughness to enable installation in electronics. They also come in different colors that are mainly grey and black color.

The 2.54mm pitch flat ribbon cable can withstand a voltage of approximately 300V while operating at an approximate temperature of -20 degrees minimum and 105 degrees Celsius maximum. In most cases, it is used with a wide range that fits its application necessities.

26 pin 2.54mm Pitch Ribbon Cable

Also, the 2.54mm ribbon cable comes in different colors, makes it easy to identify each conductor singular, and can be used for interior and exterior connections in appliances. 2.54mm pitch ribbon cable is flat and broad in shape, making it ideal for use in congested spaces.

However, in some appliances, these characteristics make the 2.54mm ribbon cable suited for the work since it blocks airflow preventing efficient cooling in computers. Also, some of the ribbon cables’ designs do not allow overall flexibility, making them difficult to manage.

During the installation process, the 2.54mm pitch flat ribbon cable is twisted around before taping but remains flat at its ends to allow easy termination with Insulation Displacement Contact Connectors.

How to know the pitch of a ribbon cable precisely

2.54mm ribbon cable pitch is known by measuring from the central point of one pin to another, followed by counting the total number of hooks found in a row of the ribbon cable. The distance between each row should be measured and accounted for more rows allocated for the same pin.

10 pin 2.54mm Pitch Ribbon Cable

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