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20 Pin LVDS Cable

20 pin LVDS cable refers to an assembly that features a 20 pin connector with differential line receivers and drivers that uses low-voltage LVDS to achieve a signaling rate as high as 200 Mbps.

Since the 20-pin LVDS cable assembly is used in distributed and complex applications, the cable’s function does not place the differential output into a higher impedance state. Instead, it disconnects the input of the connector by lowering the quiescent power used by a device.

  • Easy compatibility with low power supplies
  • Less noise generation
  • Robust high-speed signal transmissions

20-pin JAE LVDS cable assembly
Cable type: 26-32AWG
Cable colors: black/grey/red/white/blue
Cable length: custom
Processing ways: crimping, pressing, and soldering types
Connector: LVDS cable 20 pin connector
Connector pitch range: 0.3-4.2mm
Applications: 20 pin JAE LVDS cable assembly for LC470EUE-ser1 for LCD/display/advertising machine/phone/laptop/computer/PDA/camera/LCM/notebook/tablet PC/HDD

An Outline of 20 Pin LVDS Cable

LVDS refers to a high-performance technology that addresses the current needs for data transmission. LVDS cable can therefore transfer high-speed data over affordable, stranded, and twisted copper cables.

LVDS cable has become the most preferred differential standard owing to the cable’s capability to deliver high-speed data rates while using low power compared to the other interfacing approaches. One of the commonly used LVDS cables is the 20 pin LVDS cable.

The Advantages of using A 20 Pin LVDS Cable 

20 pin LVDS cable is a common cable when it comes to electric communication appliances such as the computer. This cable plays a vital role in different applications, including networking and analog video interface. The LVDS 20 pin cable comes in various lengths, from one inch to seven meters. However, the cable’s length depends on the project’s structure and the requirements put in place.

20 Pin LVDS Cable

Some of the common 20 pin LVDS cable advantages include.

  • Easy compatibility with low power supplies
  • Less noise generation
  • Robust high-speed signal transmissions
The Applications of 20 Pin LVDS Cables

LVDS 20 pin cable works best in applications that necessitate low power, with a vast amount of data transmission being required. The cable is mostly applied in computers. Before the introduction of the 20 pin LVDS wire harness, the transfer of data was quite slow and would occupy larger spaces.

20 Pin LVDS Cable assembly

However, since LVDS cables have SCSI support, the cables can easily guarantee higher data rate transfers with longer cables. The 20 pin LVDS cable is applied in video interfacing appliances. The cable is perfect when it comes to transporting video signals from a graphic adapter to a PC monitor, especially within the LCD screens and OpenLDI standard.

LVDS 20 pin cable stands to offer lots of benefits if applied correctly. You can also choose to have a custom 20 pin LVDS cable from ECOCABLES. We always strive to ensure that our clients get the best custom 20 pin LVDS wire harness that suits their data transfer needs.

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