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26 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable

The IDC connector flat ribbon cable is a ribbon cable with a 26 pin IDC connector.

26 pin ribbon cable is made of high-grade copper wire material for safe and durable use.

The conductor ribbon cable separates easily for clean terminations with standard wire connectors jacks and pins.

  • 1.27MM, 2MM, 2.54MM pin connector
  • 26 pin IDC connector
  • LOW MOQ 50pcs accepted
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • Color: Gray,Black; Connector
  • Type: 26 Pin Female to Female IDC Connector
  • Pitch: 2.54mm
  • Withstand Voltage: 300V
  • Temperature: 105C

26 Pin Ribbon Cable Overview

What is the difference between a ribbon cable and a flat ribbon cable? These are interchangeable words you can use to refer to cables with a design of flat and rectangular shape resembling a piece of ribbon.

These common types of cables are used to interconnect internal computer peripherals like floppy drives, hard drives, and CD drives.

A 26 pin flat ribbon cable is used for data communication in a computer and various other circuits with IDC sockets. Commonly, the ribbon cable will come in a light grey color with a sub-section color red. If you open your computer, you will come across these cables and have male and female connectors.

26 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable Characteristics

A 26 pin flat ribbon cable has different features that differentiate it from other types of flat ribbon cables like 28 flat ribbon cables. The cable’s uniqueness allows it sufficient current capacity for intended applications. Some of the features you will identify with a 26-way ribbon cable include;

26 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable

  • It has a 0.635mm, 1.0mm, and 1.27mm pitch (wire spacing)
  • The cable has a wire resistance of 133.9 mΩ/m
  • It transmits a maximum current of about 2.2 A
  • The cable has a light grayish color
  • A 26 pin flat cable is flat and flexible
  • Conductors within the cable run next to and parallel to each other.
26 Way Ribbon Cable Advantages

A 26-pin flat IDC cable has a flat and ribbon-like design for its application in limited spaces with devices like computers. Their design makes them serve their purposes efficiently. Some of the 26 pin connector flat ribbon cable  advantages are;

26 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable

  • Mass termination- The cable has a mass termination where the conductors are accomplished in a group as a unit.
  • Reliability- a 26pin IDC ribbon cable has parallel conductors lying side by side with each other. This eliminates any possible wiring faults and errors.
  • Space- Using a 26pin IDC connector flat ribbon cable helps to reduce the use of conventional wires, which can be bulky and occupy much space. Thus, they are used in the interior of the computers, which have limited space for ordinary types of cables.
  • Flexibility- These ribbon cables have great flexibility. They can bend without getting damaged. However, it’s necessary noting they don’t allow sideways flexing.
Considerations When Purchasing a 26 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable

Do you have an issue with one of the 26 pin IDC connector flat ribbon cables? To solve the problem, you must replace it with another cable. In your selection, you must consider some factors like;

  • Check and buy only the ISO 9001, UL- certified 26-pin ribbon cables.
  • Confirm the insulation material
  • Get a ribbon with the appropriate length
  • Consult an expert to help you get the ribbon cable compatible with your device.

26 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable

26 pin connector flat ribbon cables have a variety of applications in devices like computers and printers due to their flat nature. They are suitable in limited spaces, unlike other types of wires and cables. These ribbon cables are highly flexible and resistant to high temperatures. If you might need to acquire more details about the ribbon cables, contact us, and we will help you.

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