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2mm Pitch Ribbon Cable

2mm pitch ribbon cable is a ribbon cable with a 2mm pitch IDC connector, and a 1mm pitch cable

The ribbon cable is easily and directly inserted into PCB and is suitable for internal wiring in office equipment, audio, and video machines.

A 2mm ribbon cable features multiple conducting wires that are lined up side by side so as to create a proper flat wire cabling of various sizes and types. The cable’s pitch depends on the cable requirements and specifications.

  • 2.0MM pitch connector
  • LOW MOQ 50pcs accepted
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • Product Name: Flat Ribbon Cable
  • Main Materials: Plastic
  • Pin Number:10
  • Pin Pitch: 2mm
  • Length: 30cm / 11.8-inch
  • Total Width: 10mm / 0.39-inch
  • Withstand Voltage: 300V
  • Connector Type: Female Connector

An Overview of 2mm Pitch Connector Ribbon Cable

Over the years, technology has been advancing due to the demand and limited resources available to cater to the unlimited number of growing technological advancements.

Technologists have therefore devised different techniques to cater to the limited spaces and resources. 2mm pitch flat ribbon cable manufacture follows standardized design, wire spacing, and insulation thickness to meet the ISO 9001 and UL standards. Some of the common applications of the 2mm ribbon cable include printers, computers, and other electrical devices.

2mm Pitch Connector Flat Ribbon Cable Specifications

Different features characterize a 2mm ribbon cable. These features help identify the cable and understand how different it might be from other types of ribbon cables in application and appearance. However, some features are likely to be similar. So, if you aren’t familiar with it, consider asking an expert to help you get the right type. Some of the 2mm ribbon cable characteristics are;

2mm Pitch Flat Ribbon Cable

  • The cables come in multiple colors. Nevertheless, depending on a cable’s application, some have specific colors like grey.
  • The cable has connectors on both ends- these connectors are used to join the cable on a power source, hard disk, or hard drive.
  • The cable has conductors- The conductors act as a power and data transmission medium.
  • The conductors are separated from each other by insulation- The insulation prevents any contact between the conductors, which can cause interference in the transmission.
  • A 2mm pitch flat ribbon cable is flat and flexible- It can be easily routed in confined spaces or used in applications where the space is limited.
Benefits of 2mm Pitch IDC Connector Ribbon Cable

A 2mm pitch ribbon cable has a variety of advantages.

2mm Pitch Ribbon Cable

  • The ribbon cable has fixed and controlled spacing with a mass termination making it easy to join connectors.
  • 2mm flat ribbon cable is flat, minimizing the space it can occupy. Therefore, the ribbon cable can be used in limited spaces, especially in devices with smaller spaces.
  • The ribbon cable’s conductor is covered with insulation, mostly PVC preventing the conductors from getting into contact.
  • PVC is characterized by high-temperature resistance ability. Also, it’s resistant to abrasion and corrosions.
What are the advantages of computer ribbon cables?

The computer ribbon cables are used in computers with much wiring.

  • The ribbon cables comprise different colors to make conductor identification easy.
  • Computer ribbon cables can be used in limited spaces due to their nature (flatness).
  • Ribbon cables can be mass terminated with ease.
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