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3 Pin JST Cable

JST 3 pin cable is a cable with a 3 pin connector of JST. There are many 3 pin connectors, such as XHP-3, PHR-6, ZHR-3 SHR-3, etc.

The 3 pin JST cable connector has a vital role when it comes to the miniaturization of electric devices. Its main applications include automobiles, consumer electronics, home appliances, and industrial equipment.

  • 3 pin connector
  • Cross / replacement connector is available
  • LOW MOQ 50pcs accepted
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • Suitable for automatic crimping
  • Product Name: VH3.96-3P Computer motherboard terminal cable
  • Connector Specifications: VH3.96-3P
  • Color: Black
  • Cable number: UL2464 18/2C
  • Cable length: 120mm can be customized
What are the features of a 3 pin JST cable? 

JST 3 pin connectors feature 3 conductors with a 3 pin connector, such as XHP-3, PHR-6, ZHR-3 SHR-3, etc. The connector’s high reliability and versatile nature make it unique for different applications.

3 pin JST cable

3pin JST cable connectors are designed with both side and center locking options which can be applied depending on the recommended application. The tabs and receptacle contacts are designed common to J2OOO and JFA series.

What are the advantages of 3 pin JST cables?

The main advantage of a 3 pin JST cable is the fact that the connectors come with a two-locking approach. The connector’s housing lance also makes the assembly perfect for different environmental applications. The contact retention lance on the connector’s resilient housing visually confirms the contact lock-in for secure and easy insertion.

VH3.96-3P cable

What are the standards of the 3 pin JST cable?

The connector efficiency makes the 3 pin JST cable possible to abide by the set standards, including UL recognition. The connector is also CSA certified, and TUV certified. 3 pin JST connector also complies with all ROHS rules and regulations.

PH2.0-3P cable

3 pin JST cable has a significant role in the application of both home appliances and industrial equipment. It’s therefore wise to ensure you settle for a 3 pin JST assembly that perfectly meets your requirements. You can opt for a customized 3 pin JST cable from Eco Cables that will meet your expectations.

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