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30 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable

The IDC connector flat ribbon cable is a ribbon cable with a 30 pin IDC connector.

The IDC Wire is strong and durable and multiple connections are made easy with color-coded wires.

And the 30 pin IDC connector flat ribbon cable is suitable for digital cameras, digital camcorders, laptops, LCD TVs, LCD monitors or 3D printer expansion, connecting circuit boards, LEDs, lights, and computers.

  • 1.27MM, 2MM, 2.54MM pin connector
  • 30 pin IDC connector
  • LOW MOQ 50pcs accepted
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • Pin Number: 30 ; Pin Pitch: 2.54mm ; Total Length: 1m / 3.3ft; Wire Total Width: 38mm / 1.5inch; Connector Type: FC to FC , A-type.
  • Ribbon cable saves space and time on circuit interconnecting assemblies.
  • The Conductor ribbon cable separates easily for clean terminations with standard wire connectors and pins.

An Overview of 30 Pin Connector IDC Flat Ribbon Cable

We have ribbon cables of different types and applications. Each ribbon cable has a unique design to allow it to provide a satisfactory service. In most instances, ribbon cables have their applications in devices with limited spaces to accommodate other cables, especially cylindrical cables.

Similar to other ribbon cables, a 30-pin ribbon cable resembles a piece of a ribbon with its wires running parallel and adjacent. They form a flat plane, enabling the cable to be applicable in devices like printers and computers with confined spaces.

Specifications of 30 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable

A 30-pin ribbon cable is designed differently. This means its features are different from those of other flat ribbon cables. Some specifications you might need to know are;

30 Pin Connector IDC Flat Ribbon Cable

  • A 30-pin flat ribbon cable is a type of flat ribbon cable comprising 30 pins (as the name suggests).
  • The pitch of the pins measures 0.5mm.
  • Each pin on the 30-pin IDC connector flat ribbon cable has a height measuring 0.3mm.
  • Every pin weighs approximately 1gm.
  • A 30-way ribbon cable has a rated voltage of up to 60V.
  • Most of these ribbon cables are 200mm long and 15.5 mm wide
  • The color of a 30-pin flat ribbon cable is normally grey and red stripe on the edge
Features of 30 Pin IDC Connector Flat Ribbon Cable

A 30-pin ribbon cable has several characteristics. The manufacturer ensures that it serves its intended purpose.

30 Pin Connector IDC Flat Ribbon Cable 1

  • The cable is easy to use and replace
  • The 30-way ribbon cable has a UL 2651 rating, 28AWG
  • The cable has an insulation jacket with an insulation resistance of 1000mΩ
  • The cable can work best within temperatures ranging from -400C to +1050C  due to the insulation’s ability to resist extreme low and high-temperature variations.
Applications of 30 Way Ribbon Cable

A 30-pin IDC connector flat ribbon cable has a design that makes it an extremely thin flat cable. This cable is used in electronic devices like; inkjet printers, SoundBox, scanners, copiers, flat-screen TVs, airbag lines, car DVD players, FAX machines, printers, PC and computers, Displays, digital cameras, gaming equipment, robotics, video project devices, hard disks, backlights panels, and pictorial machines.

30 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable

Benefits of 30 Pin Connector Flat Ribbon Cable

30-pin IDC female connector flat ribbon cable comes with various benefits. Some of the cable’s advantages comprise;

Highly flexible– The cable bends easily in the plane. This enables the cable to be used in different environments requiring shifting the positioning of the cable. However, it doesn’t allow sideways flexing.

Used in limited spaces– a 30-pin flat ribbon cable has a flat nature. This allows it to be used in confined spaces within electronic devices.

Reliability– The insulation is efficient as it allows the cable to work in different environments, i.e., High temperatures. Also, it separates one conductor from another, preventing electrical shorting.

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