30 Pin LVDS Cable
OEM&ODM LVDS Cable Assemblies

30 Pin LVDS Cable

LVDS cables play a vital role in LVDS high-speed applications. Digital applications like tablets and PCs need a high paced signal transmission, and 30 pin LVDS cable makes this possible for powerful performance.

The 30 pin LVDS cable is easy to use and features an open circuit fail-safe. The 30 pin LVDS connector cable housing is perfectly fitted with ground plates that help in reinforcing the ground functions.

  • Compatible with most LCD driver boards, suitable for maintenance/repair shops
  • High quality PC material, strong and durable
  • Stable characteristics, professional performance, and a high level of accuracy
  • Suitable for LCD displays with 2ch LVDS interface(RGB 8-bit data, 10 pairs of differential signals, model part number: JAE FI-XB30SSL-HF15).
  • Suitable for 17inch and 19inch 1280×1024 LCD panels, no incompatibilities problem.
What are the benefits of LVDS 30 pin connector cable?

Having gained popularity in electrical communication devices such as computers, the LVDS 30 pin cable offers compatibility even with low voltage power supplies. The cable assembly’s low noise generation makes it easier to be applied to different applications, including mobile phones.

30 pin lvds cable

The best thing about the LVDS 30 pin cable is that it provides a robust transmission signal during application. It also features the ability to be easily integrated into system-level ICs.

What are the applications of 30 pin LVDS cable ?

The LVDS 30 pin connector cable also plays a vital role in video interfacing equipment. The cables are mostly used in video data transfers from a graphic adapter to PC monitors, especially on LCD screens and OpenLDI standards. They also serve important purposes in the aviation, defense, and medical industry.

30 pin LVDS cable

While 30 pin LVDS cables are easy to use, it’s vital to ensure that you settle for one that meets your requirements. We manufacture high-quality custom LVDS 30 pin cables regardless of purpose or length. Each assembly is built with our customer’s specifications in mind and 100% quality assurance.

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