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34 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable

The IDC connector flat ribbon cable is a ribbon cable with a 34 pin IDC connector.

The 34 pin IDC connector flat ribbon cable is used in various electrical gadgets we use at home, in industries, and in other fields.

You can find a 34-pin connector flat ribbon cable in printers, data or communication devices, hard drives, medical devices, industrial equipment, computer cabling, gaming devices, and robotics, just to mention a few.

  • 1.27MM, 2MM, 2.54MM pin connector
  • 34 pin IDC connector
  • LOW MOQ 50pcs accepted
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • Product Name : Flat Cable;Model : FC34P;Connector Type : Female IDC Connectors
  • Withstand Voltage : 300V;Temperature : 105C;Pin Number : 34
  • Pin Pitch : 2.54mm;Wire Range : 28AWG;Length : 30cm/12″
  • Width : 43mm/1.7″;Material : Plastic(Breite: 43 mm’; Material: Kunststoff

34 Pin Connector IDC Flat Ribbon Cable Overview

Might you be looking for a 34-pin flat ribbon cable? As the name suggests, the cable resembles a piece of ribbon. It’s flat with cables connected adjacent to each other to form the ribbon-like structure. Once connected, your 34-pin ribbon cable isn’t likely to fall off as it’s innately held but still easy to install or remove.

However, you will realize a 34-way ribbon cable has small pins and an IDC connector, which comprise the unique features of the cable. The cable is highly flexible, allowing it to be used in highly sensitive and space-limited devices.

34 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable Features

The cable comes with;

  • Small pins on both sides
  • Ribbon cable
  • IDC connector
  • High-quality, resistant, flexible and durable plastic insulation

34 Pin connector Flat Ribbon Cable

Specifications of 34 Pin IDC Connector Flat Ribbon Cable

The 34-pin IDC female connector flat ribbon cable has multiple characteristics defining its unique design and manufacture. These specifications describe the cable applications. They include;

34 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable

  • A 34-way ribbon cable is a UL2651 28AWG cable
  • The cable has a cable pitch of PH1.27mm. Other types of cable pitches linked with this type of cable are; 0.635mm, and 1.0mm.
  • It has a copper wire conductor with a diameter of approximately 0.12mm
  • The copper wire conductor has a conductivity resistance rating of less than 237ohms and can withstand carrying a current with a voltage of 2KV
  • Most 34-pin ribbon cables have insulation with a conventional gray painting plus a red edge.
  • The cable has a black 34 pin and 1.27mm, 2.0mm, 2.54mm pitch IDC female to female connector
  • The PVC insulation on the cable is certified by the RoHS
34 Pin IDC Female Connector Flat Ribbon Cable Benefits

34 Pin IDC Female Connector Flat Ribbon Cable has many benefits. However, let’s discuss a few crucial benefits you are likely to identify with ease.

34 Pin IDC Flat Ribbon Cable

  • The cable is highly flexible- It’s easy to fold the cable. This benefit allows it to be applicable in robotics and automated medical diagnostic equipment.
  • Occupies small spaces- The nature of the 34-way ribbon cable enables it to occupy nearly half of the total space cylindrical cables can occupy. Therefore, applicable in limited spaces.
  • Weighs less- The cable doesn’t have unnecessary fillers or insulations that make cables bulky and add their volumes.
  • A 34-pin ribbon cable efficiently transmits power- Its copper conductor has a high conductivity level. This is due to its reduced level of resistance compared to other electrical conductors. The cables normally measure 30cm, making them highly efficient since resistance increases with the length of a conductor.
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