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3D Printer Wiring Harnes

3D printing has a lot to offer to revolutionize the way different products are produced and designed. Among the many aspects, the technology can also be used to design and create connectors, wiring harnesses, and terminals.

There is also the possibility that a 3D printer wiring harness may also replace traditional cable and wire assemblies.

  • Suitable for 24awg to 32awg, OD 0.8mm to 1.5mm
  • Cross / replacement connector is available
  • Suitable for 3D printer
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • Sample available
  • Product name: 3D printer cable assembly
  • Connector 1: 2510-4P
  • Connector 2: PH2.0-4P
  • Color: red and blue twisted pair
  • Cable: UL1007 28AWG
  • Cable length: 760mm can be customized

What are the Key Benefits of 3D Printer Wiring Harness?

The 3D printer wiring harness is a unique disruptive technology with the ability to offer broader benefits to any bus9iness or project. It features lots of benefits, as highlighted below.

Reduced Manufacturing Expenditure

The production and manufacture of cable assemblies are considered labor-intensive. This is because most of the process, including the layout, is normally done by hand. However, the application of robotic tools helps by amortizing capital costs through swapping labor costs. Therefore, a 3D printer wiring harness can lower production costs by 50%.

3D Printer Wiring Harness

Enhanced Safety 

Most of the wire assembly failures arise due to embrittlement of insulation either by UV, humidity, or corrosions. These failures can lead to arcing, which eventually causes fire breakouts. Wiring harness failures have been known to cause a series of safety issues within different fields, including aerospace, with some ending up as notable disasters.

3D Printer Wiring Harness

3D printed wiring harness embeds the wires within different components, which protects the wires against any kind of chemical or mechanical damage. CAD design application on the assembly and the entire structural mechanisms can easily be designed to ensure the termination flex remains within the recommended tolerance, thereby providing a safer wiring system.

Quality Enhancement

Automating wiring harness production is a sure way of producing identical products. Once the design is approved after being tested, it can easily be used in the vast production of wire assemblies. If the design is for aerospace, provided the best materials are put in place, every product manufactured through the design will easily conform to all the existing requirements and standards.

3D Printer Wiring Harness

The wire-making process and documentation will also have to be automated to meet the new production approach. Since the termination position is defined by design, wiring harness testing should also be automated, leading to the improvement in quality control of the 3D printer wiring harness.

Reduced Designing and Development Time

3D printed wire harness makes it easier to jump from the designing step to manufactured products within hours. It’s also easy to make multiple prototypes and test their electrical and mechanical abilities. Such a move can alter the traditional culture by introducing the possibility of optimizing a design through different iterations and still remaining confident with the final product.

3D Printer Wiring Harness

This will save on design cost and time and open the door for the creation of sophisticated or bespoke wiring harness designs with outstanding performance.

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