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4 Pin SATA Power Cable

The SATA 4 pin power cable provides power to ATA Serial hard drive through an LP4 conventional connection, to provide grouped electricity to the system.

The 4 pin Molex to SATA power cables is used for the purpose of electronic signals transmission through socket connection in computers, printers and internal transmission of computers.

  • Allows SATA power supplies to power IDE hard drives
  • Molex to SATA adapter
  • 4 pin Molex to SATA power cable with customized length
  • Full certification including UL, CE, and more
  • Suitable for personal computer
  • SATA to 4 pin connector cable / Molex connector to SATA cable / Molex cable to SATA cable
  • Connect an IDE power to a SATA power connector
  • 18 AWG wires
  • 8-inch length
  • Molex female to SATA male connector / female Molex to SATA connector / Molex and SATA power connector
  • SATA to LP4 power cable adapter cable / SATA to Molex converter & SATA to 4 pin adapter / SATA power cable to Molex cable
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What are SATA Molex power supply cables?

The proportional long abbreviation of SATA is Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA). These cables are used for the purpose of electronic signals transmission through socket connection in computers, printers and internal transmission of computers e.g. DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, and other hardware combinations and series of different electronic hardware machines that are supported by electricity, power cables are commonly found in every household and offices.

4 pin Molex cable

What types of SATA cables are there?

SATA Cables have several different types which vary with usage and shape Most commonly which are available in local markets as well as online stores are

4 Pin SATA Power Cable

* Micro SATA with 5V Molex Power supports its combination with micro SATA enables the power fusion in the backplane application of internal drivers.

* E-SATA with the length of 2m max is externally connectable with PC.

* SATA Bridge connects PCI cards with ATA device to the functioning SATA enabled Motherboard.

And various other series of SATA cables with different symmetrical features varied with the functioning capacity.

What are the features of SATA 4 pin power cable?
  • SATA power to 4 pin Molex cable is easy to be installed with a simple mode socket to socket connection which makes it user-friendly.
  • 4 pin sata male to Molex connector simply connects to the 4 pin female computers installed in PC hardware and is supplied by the power adapter of the system.
  • 4 pin connector to the SATA power cable can be accessible with 3.5 inches SATA hard disk and a 3.5 SATA DVD-ROM: CD-ROM, CD-R/W, AND DVD-R/W.

SATA power cable

  • Molex to SATA connector is easily portable with smooth socket pin to pin.
  • Molex SATA power connector cable is compatible with 1.0 standards of ATA serial.
  • Both the connector of the A to B socket, varies in functions and size, Connector A is 4-Pin male and connecter B is 15-Pin SATA.
What are the functions of SATA Molex cables pins?

The main reason for these power 4 pin to SATA cables having so many pins is related to power voltage, the transmission of voltage through 3, 4, 5 to 6 pins all merge to provide a combined power supply to the system.

SATA power cable

The durability, and size of each pin limit them to transfer the required voltage to the entire system henceforth the number of pins is increased in sockets for the complete transition of current and smooth functioning, each pin may seem small but together they function to form a complete circuit.

Are the pins of 4 pin power to SATA cables easily breakable?

Socket pins of the SATA to Molex cable are stolen material that is solid and not easily breakable, but it also depends upon the user to how they use their Molex 4 pin to SATA cables, harsh treatment, or this motherboard 4 pin to SATA power cable may damage the delicate silver pins but in most of the cases pins are hard molded.

Is the series of Serial-ATA safe to use?

The connectivity is these SATA to 4 pin power cables are molded which ensures the safety of operation, structure, and composition of wires reduced chances of sudden arcing, with multi connectors transactions are smoothly passed.

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