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40 Pin LVDS Cable

40 pin LVDS cable is ideally suited for applications that necessitate lower power and massive data transmissions. Therefore, the main application of a 40 pin LVDS cable is in computers.

However, as the LVDS 40 pin cable is SCSI-supported, it has the ability to support higher and better data rates. It also features a longer cable length. The 40 pin LVDS connector cable is mostly applied in high resolution and modern touch screens.

  • Compatible with most LCD driver boards, suitable for maintenance/repair shops
  • High quality PC material, strong and durable
  • Stable characteristics, professional performance, and a high level of accuracy.
  • Cable Length: 50cm.
  • Support:15.6 inch ~ 19-inch LVDS screen
  • Signal interface LVDS (2 ch, 6-bit), 40 pins
  • Easy to install , convenient to DIY a monitor

Why Choose 40 Pin LVDS Cable

LVDS stands for Low-Voltage Differential Signaling. This technology aims to address the current need for high and efficient data transmission performance. For this to be possible, LVDS cable assembly must be in place. One of the most sought LVDS cable assemblies is LVDS 40 pin cable.

This cable can deliver high data speed. The assembly uses analog circuit approaches in providing a multi-gigabit data transmission service on copper interconnects – A reason why the 40 pin LVDS cable has gained a broader market demand over the years.

What are the merits of a 40 pin LVDS cable connector?

40 Pin LVDS connector cable plays a significant role in operating high-speed LVDS applications. The connector’s low noise emission feature lets you efficiently use the connector for a broader range of applications, including flat-panel TVs and mobile phones.

40 pin LVDS cable

The 40 pin LVDS connector cable is also easy to use and comes with a one-touch insertion with a cable lock and release feature.

What are the applications of 40 pin LVDS cable ?

40 pin LVDS cable provides the best applications in electronic communication equipment such as computers. The assembly also provides excellent use when it comes to networking and video interfacing.

40 pin LVDS cable

To get the most out of an LVDS 40 pin cable assembly, you can opt for a custom 40 pin LVDS assembly from ECOCABLES.

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