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5 Pin Molex cable

5 pin Molex cable is a cable with 5 pin Molex connector. There are many 5 pin connectors, such as 5557 series, 5559 series, 51021 series, 70066 series, etc.

Currently, in major industries, 5 pin Molex cable has enabled the assembly and reconfiguration of different equipment to be more reliable and easy – No matter what area you work in may it be consumer appliances, automobiles, or high-tech computers.

  • 5 pin connector
  • Suitable for 16awg to 32awg
  • Cross / replacement connector is available
  • Make a prototype based on your need

  • RoHS compliant

  • Mass production 5-7 days

15136-0502 – cable assembly, microclasp receptacle – microclasp receptacle, 5 circuits, 150mm, Molex

What is a 5 pin Molex cable connector?

Molex connectors come in different sizes and shapes, but the pin-and-socket interconnect is the most common style. Molex connector is therefore a vernacular term that refers to a two-piece socket and pin interconnection.

These connectors usually feature two to 24 contacts that are keyed or polarized to achieve the right orientation. The sockets and pins can be arranged in any combination within a single housing with the housing being either female or male. Just like the 5 pin Molex cable connector.

5 pin Molex cable

Being one of the most popular top pin-and-socket connectors – This wire-to-board connector provides a current Maximum Per Contact of 5.0A 250V of power by accommodating a standard size.

0.6mm plated brass 18-24 AWG wire at a 3.68mm pitch. A 2×2 receptacle matrix is an ideal option for the primary power source in a small PCB. The mating male connector receptacle is a female five-pin plug connector similar to the utilizing crimp pins to connect wires.

What are the characteristics of a 5 pin Molex cable connector?
  • A single wire is joined to another wire by four independent pieces.
  • Entails a metal clamp type of pin that allows the connector to be crimped into any wire of choice by using a specialized tool for crimping.
  • On the pin, two separate crimps are featured – one holding the conductor of the wire and the other that crimps to the wire’s insulation; thus, strain relief is provided for the wire conductor.
  • Insert the pin into a socket that is a part of the larger nylon connector.

5 pin Molex cable

Due to the flexible nature of Molex 5 pin cable, it has given rise to a fast rate of prototyping of interconnect applications. Only the availability of enough crimp terminal pins is needed on hand and long-term power solutions across nearly every industry and sector.

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