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50 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable

The IDC connector flat ribbon cable is a ribbon cable with a 50-pin IDC connector.

A 50-pin ribbon cable is efficient in its applications. Its flat nature ensures that it can be connected to devices with limited spaces and guarantee sufficient performance. Most 50-pin ribbon cables are used in medical devices, computers, hard drives, and DVD players.

  • 1.27MM, 2MM, 2.54MM pin connector
  • 50 pin IDC connector
  • LOW MOQ 50pcs accepted
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • 【Size】- Length: 30mm/1.18″; Pitch: 2.54mm/0.10″
  • 【Function】- Securely connected to the pins, quick circuit experiment. In the terminals have not been damaged they can be reused.
  • 【Material】- Made of high-grade copper wire material for safe and durable use.
  • 【Advantage】- Ribbon cable saves space and time on circuit interconnecting assemblies. Ribbon cable saves space and time on circuit interconnecting assemblies.

An Outline of 50 Pin IDC Connector Flat Ribbon Cable

You must have encountered some flat ribbon-like cables, right? Such cables are named after their resemblance as they look like a piece of ribbon. They aren’t too different from cylindrical cables, but they have unique applications due to their design.

Flat ribbon cables are commonly used in limited spaces where other types of cable can’t perform efficiently.

Technological advancements have led to the development of smaller equipment that has led to immense use of ribbon cables. A 50-pin ribbon cable is a significant example of a flat ribbon cable used in different fields, like medical, automotive, and robotic devices.

Specifications of an 50 Pin Flat Cable

A 50-pin IDC connector flat ribbon cable is characterized by unique features that help differentiate it from other types of flat cables. Some of the features to understand about 50-pin flat ribbon cables include;

IDC Gray Wire Flat Ribbon Cable 50 Pins

  • The cable’s end is connected to an IDC connector.
  • A 50-pin IDC connector flat ribbon cable has 50 pins- It’s necessary to realize that these ribbon cables are easily differentiated by their number of pins.
  • The pin pitch of a 50-pin IDC cable is 1.27mm- The distance from one pin to the next one.
  • The cable can withstand high temperatures of up to 1200C, even though it has a temperature range of -400C to 1050
  • The cable carries an electric current rated 1Amp.
  • It has a voltage rating of 200V.
  • A 50-pin flat cable has a connector designed to accept 28-26AWG ribbon wires.
  • The cables have a contact resistance of less than 20mOhm
  • The cable has a UL-2651 certification.
  • A 50-way ribbon is approximately 50cm long.
  • The cables are grey in color but with a red edge strip.

50 Pin IDC Flat Ribbon Cable

Benefits of an IDC 50 Pin Connector Flat Ribbon Cable

The 50-way ribbon cable has a design that allows it to provide its intended services in a satisfactory way. The benefits you will realize from using this type of cable include;

50 Pin connector Flat Ribbon Cable

  • Cable’s flexibility- A 50-pin IDC ribbon cable is easy to bend or fold. This characteristic allows the cable to be utilized in areas with high flexing applications.
  • The 50-pin ribbon cable’s nature allows it to be used in limited spaces- Unlike other types of cables, for example, cylindrical cables, there is no need for extra insulation or harnesses. Therefore, the cable has a reduced physical volume and isn’t bulky.
  • The cable allows an easy connection to a connector- The cables are organized to allow fast and easy installation of a connector. The counting of the pins starts from the edge with a red stripe.
  • The 50-pin IDC ribbon cable is designed to work in a variety of environmental conditions- The cable’s insulation can withstand high temperatures (-400C-1050C).
  • Also, the cable is resistant to abrasion, moisture, acids, oil, and chemicals.
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