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51 Pin LVDS Cable

We take pride in manufacturing custom 51 pin LVDS wire assemblies that have undergone proper testing and are built using the best quality materials.

Our professionals have years of experience designing and customizing 51 pin LVDS cable assembly, which makes us the best to work with.

  • High-quality PC material, strong and durable
  • Stable characteristics, professional performance, and a high level of accuracy.
  • LOW MOQ 50pcs accepted
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • Sample available

LVDS cable specification:

  • High Score 40P Dupont 51 Pin LVDS Cable For FHD Branded LCD LED TV Monitor Panel
  • Cable Lenth: 14 inch
  • LVDS cable connector types: LVDS cable 51 pin connector
  • Black wires stand for “Ground”
  • Suitable for LCD/ LED display with 2ch LVDS interface (RGB 10-bits data, [Left / Right]) of the differential signal.
  • Package includes: 1 x LVDS Cable

51 Pin LVDS Cable Summary

LVDS simply refers to a unique technology that helps in addressing the current need as far as high data performance transmission applications are concerned. LVDS cables, therefore, have the potential to run at high speeds.

One of the commonly used LVDS cables is the 51 pin LVDS cable assembly. This affordable twisted copper strand cable offers reliable services when it comes to different data transmission applications.

Why choose the 51 LVDS pin cable?

The increase in popularity of 51 pin LVDS cable is what makes it a preferred differential cable. It can deliver higher data rates that are simply perfect for different applications. The best thing with 51 pin LVDS wire assembly lies with the fact that the cable only consumes less power when compared to the other interfacing technologies.

51 pin LVDS cable

The 51 pin LVDS cable design makes it possible for the cable o transfer high-speed data. LVDS 51 pin cables approach has significantly made the transfer of multi-gigabits possible within the various applications that it’s used for. Owing to this, 51 pin LVDS cables are becoming the norm with differential data applications within different industries.

The 51 pin LVDS connector equips this wire harness with great features that help the cable withstand different environs during application.

What is the application of 51 pin LVDS cables?

51 pin LVDS cables are highly recommended in applications requiring less power with large data transfer amounts. Therefore, the 51 pin LVDS wire assembly features different applications, mainly in PC.

51 Pin LVDS Cable

Before introducing 51 pin LVDS cable, there were many problems associated with slow data transfers. The cable applied at that time was also used to consume larger spaces. However, with the invention of 51 pin LVDS cables which are also governed by the SCSI requirements, LVDS wire assemblies can easily support higher data transmission rates application.

51 pin LVDS cable also plays a vital role when it comes to video interfacing appliances. They have the ability to transfer video data from the adaptors to the PC monitors, particularly LCD screens.

What are the merits of 51 pin LVDS cables?

Having built a good reputation and name for themselves, 51 pin LVDS wire harnesses have become common among different gadgets, including communication devices and computers. LVDS 51 pin cable assembly comes in various lengths starting from 1 inch to several meters. All this is dependent on your application structure and the requirements at hand.

The common benefits of a 51 pin LVDS cable therefore include:

  • Noise rejection
  • Robust signal transmission
  • Easy compatibility with low power supplies
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