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8 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable

The IDC connector flat ribbon cable is a ribbon cable with an 8-pin IDC connector.

The 8-pin flat ribbon cable is connected with connectors on both ends. They help to connect the cables to essential components and ensure simple insertion and continuation of current from the flat ribbon cables.

The 8-pin female connector flat ribbon cable is mostly applied within computers, CD drives, and hard drives, or even in floppy drives. Also, the 8-pin flat cable is mainly used in DVD players, LCD TV panels, LED displays, etc.

  • 1.27MM, 2MM, 2.54MM pin connector
  • 8 pin IDC connector
  • LOW MOQ 50pcs accepted
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • 8 Pins Connector Flat Ribbon Cable,2.54mm Pitch;Length: 30cm / 11.8”
  • Total Width: 10mm / 0.39-inch ;Connector Type: Female Connector
  • Main Materials: Plastic ;Withstand Voltage: 300V ;Temperature: 105 Celsius
  • Easily and directly inserted into PCB
  • Suitable for internal wiring in office equipment and video machines

An Outline of 8 Pin IDC Connector Flat Ribbon Cable

Flat ribbon cables are common types of cables among us. They resemble a piece of cloth ribbon with a combination of several single cables. Flat ribbon cables are utilized in computers, printers, and medical devices, among a few examples. Their flat nature makes them stand out compared to round cables. In most electronic devices, you are likely to come across an 8-pin flat ribbon cable.

These cables are commonly designed to be powered by Direct Current (DC). The cables are designed to be flexible flat cables (FFC) with extremely thin cables. It’s among the flat ribbon cables with the smallest number of small cables. Let’s now dive into understanding more about an 8-pin flat cable.

Specifications of an 8 Pin Flat Cable

An 8-pin IDC connector flat ribbon cable differs from other flat ribbon cables, but you will likely confuse them. Why? All flat ribbon cables have multiple colors or grey with a red stripe on one edge. However, the cables differ in their features and applications. What features does an 8-pin IDC cable have?

8 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable

  • The cable’s power source, in most instances, is Direct Current (DC)
  • It has a copper conductor (Copper has high conductivity and low resistivity levels)
  • An 8-pin flat cable weighs 0.1g
  • The cable is 4.5cm wide and 10cm long.
  • Just as the name suggests, an 8-pin flat ribbon cable has 8-pins
  • It has a pin pitch of 0.5mm.
  • The cable has a dielectric strength of 60V.
Applications of an IDC 8 Pin Connector Flat Ribbon Cable

An 8-pin flat ribbon cable is connected with connectors on both ends. They help to connect the cables to essential components and ensure simple insertion and continuation of current from the flat ribbon cables. The flatness of the 8-pin ribbon cable enables it to be used in electronic devices like cell phones, computers, LCD TVs and monitors, digital cameras, and camcorders.

8 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable

Advantages of an 8 Pin IDC Cable

The 8-pin ribbon cables have a variety of advantages due to their characteristics.

8 pin IDC connector flat ribbon cable

  • The cables comply with the ROHS directives- Their manufacturer observes the environmental and user health by not using the banned elements.
  • 8-pin ribbon cables are also referred to as Flexible Flat Cable as they are thin and flat enough to be used in devices with limited spaces like laptops.
  • An 8-pin ribbon cable has a robust but flexible insulator- The insulation separates the copper conductors from getting into contact. Also, the cable can bend with ease without being damaged.
  • These cables meet the UL-2651 and ISO 9001 standards- This acts as a benefit to the end-users. You are guaranteed to get a quality, durable and efficient cable.
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