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8 Pin Molex cable

8 pin Molex cable is a cable with 8 pin Molex connector. There are many 8 pin connectors, such as the 5557 series, 5559 series, 51021 series, 70066 series, etc.

There are various types of 8 pin Molex connectors; each differs in design, the way they operate, and the types used.

  • 8 pin connector
  • Suitable for 16awg to 32awg
  • Cross / replacement connector is available
  • Make a prototype based on your need

  • RoHS compliant

  • Mass production 5-7 days
  • 8 pin PCIe to dual 4 pin Molex LP4 power cable
  • PCI Express power cord adapter connects a PCIe graphics card with an 8-pin connector to a power supply with two backup L4 Molex power connections; Check that your PSU is rated to power the graphics card.
  • PSU upgrade protection power cable provides an option to connect GPU power supply without PCIe connection. Dual Molex connectors are designed to connect separate rails on separate Molex Daisy chains to power PCIe video graphics cards in older PSUs.
  • 8-pin PCIe to dual Molex female to male cable provides a convenient solution for video card power supply, provided by two GPU cards that require more power
  • The rugged graphics card power cord features a Molex male and a latched female PCI connector to prevent accidental disconnections
What is a Molex connector?

Molex connectors refer to connectors that have been produced by Molex Company. These connectors feature different pin numbers with socket interconnections.

15-Pin SATA Male to 8 Pin PCI Cable

Since the connectors feature a cylindrical spring metal pin, they can easily be fitted to the metal sockets for optimum performance during application. The sockets are held together with a nylon shell while the pins are held together using a rectangular matrix.

8 Pin Molex Cable

One of the most unmatched and famous 8 pin Molex cable has a connector that takes many shapes depending on the application and industry.

8 Pin Molex Cable

The 8 pin Molex cable entails dual row Eight-Pin connectors with male terminal plug-type components. Operating on a temperature of -40 to +125°C, it provides 22-14 AGW female crimp pins to insert the wire into the receptacle mating plug properly.

The 8 pin Molex cable is mostly preferred in different industries owing to its ability to easily connect power to different devices including PCs.

What is the application of 8 pin Molex Cable?

As stated earlier 8 pin Molex cable offers a flexible and reliable power supply to the Pc’s motherboard. They are also used in connecting DVD AND CD drives.

8 Pin Molex Cable

To achieve absolute perfection when using 8 pin Molex cable, ensure the pairing of each part is done correctly. A customized 8 pin Molex wire harness can also work the magic, particularly where the application at hand has extra requirements.

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