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Alternator Wiring Harness

An alternator has a wiring system that allows energy transmission within a machine. This includes recharging the battery as well as providing power to various electricity-utilizing components.

The alternator cables need to be bound into a single harness for protection purposes and to organize them in order.

Binding the alternator wiring system is referred to as an alternator wiring harness. It involves introducing an additional insulator or sleeve to hold the cables together. The endings of the wire harness ensure the cables are connected with connectors that join onto the required components.

  • UL / VDE cable
  • Customized length
  • OEM ODM accept
  • Wire Gauge: AV 0.254/16 OD2.45 18AWG
  • Wire Length: 160mm or Customized
  • Model Number: 4-pin female plug connector SJ-83370
  • Certification: ISO9001, IATF16949

Alternator Wiring Harness

If you own a car, you must have a slight idea of an alternator. Basically, an alternator comprises a vital element of a car’s engine. An alternator creates an electric current used to power automobiles and for recharging automobiles’ batteries.

You must be wondering, how does an alternator do this? The alternator is designed to change mechanical energy to electrical energy by converting AC to DC. It provides automobile electrical components like fans, windshield wipers, and lights with electricity. Therefore alternators require small wiring harnesses. Alternator wire harness protects cables carrying energy from the alternators to automobiles’ components.

Features of Alternator Wire Harness

The alternator harness comprises of well-organized cable connected to an alternator.

Alternator Repair Wiring Harness

  • Copper conductor-The cables have copper conductors used to transmit power energy from the alternator to other components of an automobile. The copper conductors are preferred because of their high conductivity and low resistance levels.
  • Insulation– PVC insulations cover the cables. The insulation ensures the conductors in different wires aren’t into contact not to cause electricity to short.
  • Wire harness– The cables are bound together to form a single bundle of wires. The wire harness offers individual cables with enough protection from harsh environmental conditions.
Advantages of Alternator Wiring Harness

Alternator wire harness comes with significant benefits that unassembled wires can’t offer.

Alternator wiring harness

  • The Alternator Wire harnessorganizes the electricity-carrying wires from the alternator to other car components. Therefore, it’s easy to identify specific cables with the help of wire harnesses.
  • Protects the wires from abrasion likely to be caused by intense vibrations. Such abrasions can result from wires grinding against each other, leading to the exposure of the electrical conductors.
  • Ensures an easy installation and replacement of burnt or damaged cables. Wire harness reduces the installation work and time as you are only expected to disconnect the entire wire harness and install a new one.
  • Creates space for other components within the car’s engine area to function efficiently. It reduces the confusion likely to occur due to unorganized wires.
  • The tough insulation ensures the alternator harnesses are efficient, durable, and reliable. The rubber material protects the cables from corrosions from engine fluids, oil, moisture, and other chemicals.

Alternator Wiring Harness

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