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Amphenol Cable Assemblies

Amphenol cable assembly is a cable by using an Amphenol connector.

Amphenol connectors refer to different electronic connectors. Depending on the concerned electronic area, it can specifically refer to MIL-C-5015 OR MIL-DTL-5015, a circular connector.

  • Custom high-speed and high-power data cable assemblies
  • Simple point-to-point assemblies
  • Radiofrequency
  • Super-speed data transfers for new system applications
  • Amphenol Sine Systems Motion Control DSL Cable Assemblies
  • Amphenol connector
  • 40-200 amps
  • Heavy Duty & Rugged
  • Suited for Industrial and MMotion Control
What is Amphenol?

Amphenol is a leading global manufacturer of connectors and broadband communication products for satellites and cables. It’s one of the largest manufacturers of high-end technology interconnect like antenna solutions and sensors.

Amphenol cable assembly

Amphenol cable assemblies are taking over the market. These cable assemblies play a significant role in power charging and data transfer applications. They are reliable in providing high-speed cabling for both power and signal transmissions.

What is an Amphenol cable assembly? 

An Amphenol cable or Telecom cable is used to connect different voice and data lines for telecommunications or LANs. The assembly’s end uses a Centronic 25 pin pair of polarized connectors. These connectors are known as Amphenol cable connectors.

Amphenol Cable Assembly

Amphenol cable assembly applications include:

  • Custom high-speed and high-power data cable assemblies.
  • Simple point-to-point assemblies.
  • The sophisticated multi-branch wiring harness for the larger systems across the market.
  • The new industry innovations fiber optics.
  • Super-speed data transfers for new system applications.
  • Radiofrequency.
What are Amphenol connectors?

Amphenol connectors refer to different electronic connectors introduced or manufactured by the company itself, Amphenol Corp.

Their products have a wide range of applications in the military field, data communication industries, and mobile devices. Depending on the concerned electronic area, it can specifically refer to MIL-C-5015 OR MIL-DTL-5015, a circular connector.

Amphenol cable assemblies

These connectors are primarily used in connecting a ShapeArray, especially in environments that experience reasonable possibilities of water exposure to the connectors. The connector’s splash-proofing features guarantee solid connections to a ShapeArray cable assembly.

What are the advantages of Amphenol cable assemblies?

The precise combination of the interconnect experience and harness manufacturing abilities makes it possible for the manufacturer to provide optimum solutions within the designing phase of the assemblies.

This works by leveraging the wire management and connectors to develop an Amphenol harness solution that works best. All this focuses on reducing the assembly’s weight, maintenance, and installation time while optimizing the cost.

What are the applications of Amphenol cable assemblies?

Amphenol wiring harness has a wide range of applications. To start with this, cable assembly plays a significant role in commercial aerospace. They provide high-speed and reliable solutions to the planes subsystem, which keeps the aircraft flying. Amphenol cable assemblies are EWIS compliant.

Amphenol Cable Assemblies

For the military field, these assemblies help by providing efficient and secure data transfers, making it possible for soldiers to continue receiving the most vital resource, which is knowledge.

An Amphenol cable assembly features lots of applications within the current market. These assemblies are able to offer super-speed data transfers and have the ability to function even in extreme weather conditions. The best thing is that you also have the opportunity of getting customized Amphenol cable assemblies to match your application.

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