Custom Amphenol Cable Assembly Manufacturer

ECOCABLES custom Amphenol cables according to our customers’ individual needs. Our products can stand the test of time while providing reliable transmission performance.

  • A variety of Amphenol  connectors are available
  • Cable assembly with high-quality manufacturing & control
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • UL, CSA, and RoHS compliance

Professional Amphenol Cables Fabrication Factory

At ECOCABLES, we have gained a good reputation for manufacturing quality cable assemblies using Amphenol connectors. These connectors include:

  • Circular connectors
  • Industrial Ethernet connectors
  • USB/RJ/HDMI/D-Sub/RF/OVI/RBL connectors
  • Fiber optic/NMEA 200/FICX connectors
  • X-Lok/HS-Lok/FLOS& FLOS+/ connectors
  • DeepTronica® /Sensor/power connectors
  • Heavy duty shielded connectors
  • ZConnec/Ventilation valve//SSL/LED lighting/cable connectors
  • … …

Products By Various Amphenol Connectors

This is a cable with Amphenol USB 3.0 connectors.

Amphenol HDMI Cable

This is a cable with Amphenol HDMI connectors.

Amphenol XLR Cable
Amphenol XLR Cable

This is a cable with XLR Amphenol connectors.

amphenol rf cables
Coaxial Amphenol RF Cables

The RF cables are cables with Amphenol RF connectors.

Amphenol Fber Optic Cable

This is a cable with Amphenol fiber optic connectors.

Amphenol Circular Connector Cable

This is a cable with an Amphenol circular connector.

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Amphenol Circular Connectors

  • Thread lock, snap lock, push lock
  • Power, data, signal, mixed type
  • Up to 1Gbps transmission speed
  • Rated current up to 80 amps
  • Rated voltage up to 600 volts
  • Up to 31 connecting contact points
  • IP50, IP65, IP67. IP68, IP69K
  • UL certified plastic
Amphenol Circular Connectors
Amphenol Standard IO Connectors

Amphenol Standard I/O Connectors

  • Thread lock, snap lock, push lock
  • Power, data, analog, digital, signal
  • Up to 10Gbps transmission speed
  • Rated current up to 5 amps
  • IP67, IP68
  • UL certified plastic
  • Quality raw material

Other Amphenol Connectors

  • ZConnect (Soft board, flexible flat cable wire)
  • Protective ventilation valve
  • SSL (Board to board, board to wire, wire to wire]
  • LED indicator
  • Cable connector
  • Cable fixing joint
  • IP68/IP69K waterproof rating
  • Quality raw material
Other Amphenol Connectors

Why Choose ECOCABLES to Custom Amphenol Cables

Amphenol Cables
Amphenol Cables

Our dedication to ensuring quality delivery of Amphenol cable assemblies has made it possible for us to become the world’s best-known cable provider. Our cable assemblies can be used in various fields, including the automotive industry, home appliances, commercial aerospace, information technology, mobile devices, military, mobile networks, etc.

With years of experience when it comes to designing, customizing, and manufacturing different Amphenol cable assemblies, we have perfected the production of not only cost-effective wire harness products but also one that offers the best solution to all your application needs.

Amphenol Cable Assembly Applications


ECOCABLES offers a full line of Amphenol cable assemblies used in industrial process control, test and measurement machinery, heavy equipment, mining, alternative energy exploration, and outdoor communications equipment, among others.


ECOCABLES understands the importance of a home appliance that maximizes its potential. We work closely with home appliance manufacturers, such as Midea, Gree, etc., to provide quality and high-standard Amphenol cable assemblies.


Our Amphenol cable assemblies are reliable for applications involving telecommunication video, satellite, and data networks, off-the-air video, and voice, among others.

Mobile Devices
Mobile Devices

With our extensive array of Amphenol cords design, we have quickly gained fame when it comes to delivering Amphenol cable assemblies to different computing and mobile gadget manufacturers across the globe.


ECOCABLES can provide a reliable Amphenol cable assembly to ensure proper connection within the automotive system. Automotive applications include ADAS, vehicle cameras, GPS, high bandwidth infotainment, remote start and vehicle control, and DSRC/V2X communication, etc.

Commercial Aerospace

ECOCABLES being the leading manufacturer of high-performing and effective Amphenol custom cables within the commercial aerospace industry, our cable assemblies can meet the needs and requirements of aerospace applications.

Washing Machine Wire Harness
Amphenol Cable Assembly in China

With over 20 years of experience as a leading custom Amphenol cable assembly manufacturer.

  • “The Amphenol coaxial cable assemblies delivered exceeded our expectations by first passing every test parameter with and, secondly, being able to handle harsh environment applications easily.”

  • “The design of the Amphenol cable assemblies stood out in many ways; ECOCABLES went above and beyond to ensure they were delivered in 5 days as promised.”

  • “Due to the need for 25 pairs of Amphenol cable, there are many companies that do not have the capacity to deliver 80,000 pcs cables in the required time, but ECOCABLES came through. They kept us up to date on everything happening and managed to deliver even in 7 days.”

Amphenol Custom Cable: The Ultimate Guide

ECOCABLES takes pride in manufacturing a wider variety of cable assemblies using different Amphenol cable connectors.

How to produce high quality Amphenol cable?

ECOCABLES Amphenol cable assembly production involves the use of quality materials to bring out the best product as required by all our customers. The designing process only involves quality engineering that’s backed up with the use of highly tested materials. This also includes strict adherence to all the global environmental and industry standards and compliance, including RoHS, UL, and CSA compliance.

So you will therefore get an Amphenol custom cable assembly that has met all the right standards and compliance making it easy for the assembly to meet your application needs.

What Amphenol connectors are available to you?

Various Amphenol connectors are available:

  • Amphenol RCA connectors
  • Amphenol SATA connectors
  • Amphenol XRL connectors
  • Amphenol Audio connectors
  • Amphenol N type connectors
  • Amphenol Microphone connectors
  • Amphenol fiber optic connectors
  • Amphenol telco connectors
  • Amphenol MC3M connectors
  • Amphenol wire to board connectors,  Amphenol wire to wire connectors
  • 25 pair Amphenol connectors
  • … …
What types of Amphenol cables can we produce?

We have the following Amphenol cables :

  • Amphenol DisplayPort cable
  • Amphenol ethernet cable
  • Amphenol rg6 cable
  • Amphenol to XLR cable
  • RJ21 Amphenol cable
  • Amphenol RCA cable
  • Cat3 Amphenol telco trunk cable
  • Amphenol fiber optic cable
  • Amphenol Powerlink HV cable
  • Amphenol instrument cable
  • Amphenol audio cable
  • Amphenol speaker cable
  • Amphenol guitar cable
  • Amphenol microphone cable
  • Amphenol ribbon cable
  • Male to male Amphenol cable, male to female Amphenol cable
  • VG310 Amphenol cable
  • 25 pair cable with Amphenol connectors
  • 32 pair Amphenol cable
  • 25pr Amphenol cable
  • … …
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