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ECOCABLES offers a variety of wire harness that features different Aptiv connectors. We stand as a quality leader, learn more about ECOCABLES’s dedication to quality.

  • Various series of Aptiv connectors
  • Sealed and unsealed Aptiv connectors
  • Male and female Aptiv connectors
  • RoHS2 compliance

Professional Aptiv Wire Harness Fabrication Factory

Aptiv (formerly Delphi Connection Systems) has managed to offer a variety of solutions to different electrical component industries, something that has made them the leading Automotive Connector manufacturers. Aptiv allows electronic market experts to quickly design and build modern and high-performing solutions for electric and hybrid automobiles. The connectors have what it takes to withstand harsh environments making them perfect even in applications such as electric vehicle charging systems.

At ECOCABLES, we offer Aptiv wire harness customization services using a series of Aptiv connectors. This includes:

  • APEX connectors, CMC connectors, CTCS connectors, CTS connectors
  • DCS connectors, Generic connectors, GT connectors, GTS connectors
  • HDK (HPCS) connectors, HES connectors, OCS connectors, SICMA connectors
  • Metri-Pack connectors, Micro-Pack connectors
  • NANO pack connectors, Weather pack connectors

Various Aptiv Delphi Wiring Harnesses

Aptiv Charging Cable

The charging cables are designed for charging stations or portable cordsets.

Aptiv Delphi Metri-Pack Wire Harness

This is a wire harness with a Metri-Pack connector.

Delphi Aptiv Ecu 48 Way Wiring Harness
Delphi Aptiv Ecu 48 Way Wiring Harness

The Delphi Aptiv wire harness is used for automotive.

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APEX Series Connectors

ECOCABLES provides a variety of wire harness that features different APEX connectors. This is to ensure we are in a position to provide not only the best solution but a wider variety of Aptiv APEX wire harnesses to choose from. Some of the APEX connectors that we use include:

  • APEX Sensomate 2.8, APEX Sensomate 1.2
  • APEX Mixed:
  • APEX Halogen Bulb Series
  • APEX Ergomate
  • APEX 2.8 Unsealed, APEX 2.8 Sealed
  • APEX 150 Sealed
APEX Series Connectors

OCS Series Connectors

ECOCABLES can offer different wire harnesses using the following OCS connectors:

  • OCS 1.5 Unsealed: The connector series features optimized PLR (Primary Lock Reinforcement).
  • Unsealed: The connector series is available in both genders and features seven cavity configuration counts. The good thing about this connector is its ability to meet a variety of applications.
  • OCS 1.5 Sealed: The connector series exists in both genders and is manufactured using polyester resins.

Metri-Pack Series Connector

Metri-Pack connector series are versatile connectors perfect for different marine, industrial, and appliance applications.

At ECOCABLES, we have incorporated Metri-Pack series connectors into producing Aptiv wire harnesses to ensure our clients can enjoy a wider variety of customized wiring harnesses during application. Some of the commonly used Metri-Pack series connectors include:

  • Metri-Pack 800
  • Metri-Pack 630
  • Metri-Pack 280
  • Metri-Pack 150
  • Metri-Pack 480
Metri-Pack Series Connector
CTCS Series Connector

CTCS Series Connector

CTCS series connectors are reliable when it comes to wire harness customization. At ECOCABLES, we offer wire harness customization using the following CTCS Aptiv series connectors:

  • CTCS Unsealed series: The connector series features four ways and a four-cavity configuration—14,18,25 and 36
  • CTCS XP series: The connector series features optional back shells in either 180 or 90 degrees. They also have an additional ribbing that guarantees extra vibration performance.
  • CTCS SP series: The connectors are both reliable and versatile. The SP series also offers advanced vibration sealing and temperature performance—one of the reasons why ECOCABLES features this connector in our Aptiv wire harness production.

Why Choose ECOCABLES to Custom Aptiv Wiring Harness

Aptiv Wiring Harness
Aptiv Wiring Harness

Aptiv is well known for providing a more comprehensive portfolio of automotive connection systems. They have a wider variety when it comes to connectors that have reliable housing. The best part is that the connectors can offer wire-to-wire or wire-to-board connections.

Owing to their wider portfolio, it has become easy for ECOCABLES to manufacture a wiring harness that provides reliable solutions to different connections, including multimedia systems, powertrain and engine area, and passive and active safety systems, among others. All this is achieved by putting in place different termination options making it easier for our Aptiv wire harness to meet different application needs.

Washing Machine Wire Harness
Aptiv Wire Harness in China

With over 20 years of experience as a leading custom Aptiv wire harness manufacturer.

  • “ECOCABLES ‘s Aptiv wire harness works easily with no confusion on how to connect it. I recommend them to anyone with an application that needs a high-quality and dependable Aptiv wiring harness.”

  • “Everything was worth the money, and ECOCABLES ensured that I was able to get a customized Aptiv wire harness that perfectly matched my application.”

  • “I really needed a large order of Aptiv cables for my application, and all thanks to ECOCABLES, my needs were met, and the best part is that I was involved throughout the manufacturing process.”

Aptiv Wire Harness: The Ultimate Guide

Aptiv wiring harness is the one in which Aptiv connectors are embedded to complete the system.

What is Aptiv?

Aptiv is a leading technology company with branches in over 44 countries. The main aim of Aptiv is to address even the toughest mobility challenges through their integrated expertise and software systems, something that has helped them in delivering market-relevant solutions to their customers.

Aptiv connector

They design, develop, and manufacture quality wiring harness system leveled solutions for all-electric vehicles that feature versatile connections and unparalleled reliability in performance.

What is the function of Aptiv?

Aptiv believes in offering complete automobile connection systems that include a more comprehensive range of connectors and cabling systems. Their connectors come with options for wire-to-board and wire-to-wire connections. This helps make sure users can get practical solutions to the connection that includes powertrains, multimedia systems, and engine areas.

Aptiv wiring harnes

Their complete automotive connector portfolio can efficiently address any kind of cable assembly application within a vehicle. They make use of an innovative solution that provides reliable and easy-to-use wiring harness systems with the ability to activate proper advancements with automotive designs.

What are the commonly used Aptiv series connectors?

OCS 1.5 sealed connectors: This Aptiv series connector offers durability and reliability for all inline applications. The connector is designed with features that help in preventing any damage to the terminals and housing locks. The design also offers enhanced audible feedback as well as enhanced unseated terminal detections.

OCS 1.5 sealed connectors

CTCS SP connector: This series connector offer versatile connection systems that perfectly fit the transportation industry, including the engine compartment. The connector design comes with lever locks that are integrated into the backshell for easy plugging. The locking features on the slides also aid in preventing any accidental release of the connector before complete mating.

CTCS SP connector

HDK 1.2 & 2.8 sealed series: This family offers high-performance AK standard solutions. It also provides quality connection reliability with validated harsh environment profiles. In addition, the connector features a pre-staged CPA with an SLS technology that makes it perfect for the engine compartment.

HDK 1.2 & 2.8 sealed series

What are the benefits of Aptiv wiring harness?

Some of the benefits you get to enjoy from the Aptiv wiring harness include:

Aptiv Wiring Harness

  1. Superior sealing performance: All Aptivwiring harness systems feature external IP67 sealing performance. This is to ensure high-quality sealing performance. In addition, their cabling systems are simply designed to withstand extreme conditions due to back sealing capabilities.
  2. Quality safety performance: Aptiv cabling system offers finger-proofing capabilities, and 2 step disconnection features that all aim to guarantying optimum safety measures with the wiring harness during operations.
  3. Strict adherence to OEMs requirements: Aptiv continues to adhere to every OEMS requirement as far as HVIL on automobile wiring harness systems is concerned.
  4. Superb shielding Performance: Electrical systems usually generate unwanted electromagnetic interference that radiates from interconnecting wiring harnesses. The Aptiv cabling system is designed to offer high shielding level effectiveness. This is to ensure an EMI-free performance of a complete cabling system.

Aptiv is perfectly-known for delivering top-notch connector series and cabling systems. In addition, they have managed to provide reliable solutions to even the most complicated wiring harness application. This has made this brand to be a favorite among many users.

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