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Battery Wiring Harness

Battery Wiring Harness with Various Plugs

We can offer battery wiring harnesses with a variety of plugs. Very common plugs are a Banana plug, XT plug, EC type plug, T plug, Alligator clip, Model airplane plug, Anderson plug, etc used in battery cable assembly.

Send us your project’s needs, we will give you the best battery wiring harness solution based on your detailed requirement.

Unique Feature of Battery Cable Assembly

These battery cables are bound to a harness. This helps in ensuring the available space is utilized and at the same time helps the assembly withstand detrimental conditions. Their design makes it possible:

  • For the battery cables to eliminate the possibility of shorts.
  • Have a longer lifespan
  • Offer standard installation procedures, thus eliminating any electrical installation confusion.
Battery Cable Assembly
0 Gauge Battery Cable

The cable is made from AWG copper conductor with 99.9 pure ETP or EFC.

9V Battery Cable

9-volt battery cable features insulated shield snap connector contacts.

2 Gauge Battery Cable

2 gauge battery features tinned copper stranding for maximum protection.

4 gauge battery cable

4 gauge cable wire features a 60 amps amperage capacity.

Fused Battery Cable

Fused battery cables provide a link between batteries and the fuse block.

XT30 Extension Cable

XT30 cables are the cables using the XT30 connector.

Professional Battery Cable Harness Manufacturer in China

          ECOCABLES is committed to providing best-in-class battery harness assembly to assure our customers maximized interest.

          Our battery wiring harnesses are protected from vibration, wear and moisture, thus reducing the risk of electrical short circuits. And all products are ROHS & REACH & HF compliant, tested by SGS.

          At the same time, we will give you the best battery wiring harness based on your project’s requirements with our professional technical team. If you need to find a battery wiring harness OEM manufacturer, then Ecocables will support you on the battery cable assembly development.

          And there are different high-performance wire materials available, PVC, SR-PVC, TFE, PTFE, PU, XLPE, etc. to meet unique application requirements.

What is a battery wiring harness?

A battery wiring harness offers numerous applications to electrical systems. It features cables assemblies with termination at both ends. The termination makes it easy for users to connect one or even multiple batteries to an electrical system It’s, therefore, true to say that the most important application of a battery. Wiring harness is to establish effective connections between an automobile, solar panels, and RV’s electrical peripherals and the battery.

battery wiring harness

These assemblies exist in many types depending on the application at hand. However, without a better understanding of a battery cable connection, making the right decision on which one to use for your application can be hard. Well, this doesn’t have to be a concern anymore as this piece will broaden your awareness as far as battery cable assembly is concerned.

The manufacture of battery wire harnesses features the inclusion of cable sets. These cables come in different lengths depending on the specification of the user. The cables main function is to ensure proper hooking of batteries or batteries to electrical systems. Their applications range from automobiles to solar panels.

The terminated ends of a battery cable assembly help in making sure there is an efficient and easy battery connection. Here you have an option of choosing from over a thousand options of boots and terminals. However, the selection will highly be determined by the kind of application in place and the requirements.

battery cable assembly

They feature unique designs due to their nature of application which involves being exposed to extreme environmental conditions such as excess heat and corrosion. The unique specs of battery cable assemblies include but are not limited to top-quality thick wires. These wires make it for the assembly to withstand extreme environments.

Important to note is that the production of a battery cable assembly is governed by set rules and specifications that have to be met. However, users have the option of getting a custom battery wire harness. For customization, you will have an option of choosing the color as well as the type of terminals and size that fits you best.

What is the unique feature of battery wire harness?

Battery cables are specifically designed with one major role, which is to be applied in electrical systems and batteries. This means they only serve a single specific purpose. They cannot be applied in connecting other devices to power sources. With a harness’s existence, these cables have an overall advantage that sets them aside from their likes, including loose cords and wires.

Battery Cable Harness

These battery cables are bound to a harness. This helps in ensuring the available space is utilized and at the same time helps the assembly withstand detrimental conditions. Their design makes it possible:

  • For the battery cables to eliminate the possibility of shorts.
  • Have a longer lifespan
  • Offer standard installation procedures, thus eliminating any electrical installation confusion.

In general, the existence of battery cable assembly is what makes it possible for automobiles to run and function properly.

What are the different options for a battery wire harness?

The high demand for these cable assemblies has led to the introduction of different battery wiring harnesses options. This means you must clearly understand the different features and specifications associated with each type. Commonly known battery cable assemblies include:

1. Ring to Ring battery wiring harness

Ring-to-ring battery cable assembly features two options. This includes the brass and also copper options that come with either an open or closed terminal. The ability of these cable assemblies to crimp on different wires at a go within a signal terminal is what makes them stand out. They also provide efficient corrosion resistance and can easily sustain pulling.

Ring to Ring battery wiring harness

2. Fused battery wiring harness

Fused battery cable assemblies feature a wider selection when it comes to customization. These assemblies can be customized to meet all your power supply requirements. With a fused custom battery wiring harness, you get to enjoy temperature sustainability of 125 degrees Celsius.

Fused battery wiring harness

3. Booster battery wire harnesses 

A booster battery wire harness is perfect in the application that necessitates smaller space. Booster battery cable assemblies feature different presentations. They also make it easy for users to differentiate them by offering printed or molded stripes marking.

Booster battery wiring harness

What is a battery wire harness application?

Their application can be traced from cars, battery tanks, and boats, just to mention a few. Their applications in automobiles entail powering the vehicle.

Battery Wiring Harness

What is the disadvantage of a battery harness assembly?

The only downside associated with battery cable assembly lies with the fact that they only serve one purpose. You will also be required to replace the assembly after some time. This is fueled by the fact that their application involves sustaining harsh environments that make them wear out with time.

battery cable

How to choose the right battery wire cable assembly?

The modern world necessitates the need for modern and advanced battery wire cable assembly. This is attributed to the fact that there is an increase in the manufacture of automobiles and other equipment that applies to these assemblies. However, for the right and most precise custom battery cable assembly, you must have better knowledge of its intended purpose.

battery cable

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