Cable Assembly Design

Over the years, ECOCABLES has taken great pride in manufacturing quality wiring harnesses. All this is attributed to our engineers being well-equipped and having what it takes to come up with the best wiring harness designs for different applications.

Well, let’s dive in and better understand what entails wire harness design and engineering and the best approaches to put in place to ensure quality in final production.

 Cable Assembly Design

Wiring Harness Engineering Meaning

Cable assemblies can be defined as a system of perfectly insulated conducting cables put together using different insulating materials to be applied in different applications, including electrical systems. However, for the wiring harness to exist, it has to pass through different stages, including the engineering process. This involves the application of different methods and tools to ensure the development of an electrical system’s foundation with the ability to deliver the appropriate power and signal.

In simple terms, wire harness engineering lays the foundation upon which manufacturers are able to enjoy reliable and cost-efficient approaches during wiring harness designs. While the engineering, designing, and manufacturing of cable assemblies have been affected over the years by rising price pressures, product complexity and configurations, and short launching program cycles, wiring harness design software aims at helping many companies in addressing most of these engineering challenges.

The implementation of simplified wiring harness models that helps during the designing process has also made it possible for manufacturers to enjoy reduced production costs while boosting efficiency. This has also led to improved product quality within the market.

Functions of Wire Harness

The cable assembly’s primary purpose is to ensure the proper organization of individual cables into a unit. This helps ensure a reliable and efficient transmission of electrical signals and power. With, a wiring harness, experts can know to fit complicated wire assemblies within any application regardless of space limitations.

What’s a Wiring Harness Design?

Cable Assembly Design

The process of manufacturing a wiring harness has a starting point where engineers have to come up with a design that will eventually lead to the final product. Here, the engineers are responsible for evaluating the necessary requirement of a particular electrical system part. This is followed by developing a wiring harness that can deliver the needed information or power as required by the system. An effective wiring harness design must therefore be able to connect all necessary components easily while not interfering with the system’s critical operations and product purpose.

Let’s put this into perspective: a wiring harness within a vehicle has to ensure a reliable power supply to the vehicle’s control systems while maintaining passenger comfort. Therefore, the wiring harness design must consider its effectiveness within the car while retaining passengers’ comfort.

Comprehensive Digital Twin Approach: The Better Wiring Harness Designing Method 

New technological advancements have made it possible for manufacturers to incorporate new and trendy wiring harness approaches for better outcomes. One approach that has seen significant implementation is the comprehensive digital twin approach – featuring digitalized and validated manufacturing process models. This approach has opened doors for cost-effective yet efficient manufacturing, a reason why ECOCABLES continues to implement it within our wiring harness production.

The same has also been seen within most vehicle manufacturing companies to ensure they maintain proper traceability of the car’s design and usage process. Something that has made it possible for companies to easily transform their engineering approach, production expense, and manufacturing performance, thus boosting profits.

Wiring Harness Design Software is the New Norm!

Digitalization plays a critical role in realizing and implementing better results when it comes to wire harness engineering. However, the sustainability and success of wire harness manufacturers highly depend on the company’s ability to perfectly design and optimize related expenses within the manufacturing process, including labor and materials.

The good news is that with the help of wiring harness software, designers cannot only come up with the best designs but also achieve these goals while:

  • Refine up to 30% of production cycle time
  • Reducing the design errors by up to 50%
  • Improving 85% of formboard design time
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