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Casino Machine Wire Harness

A casino machine wire harness comprises the exterior covering that protects wires transmitting power within the machine.

This is after the wires are insulated individually, protecting the conductors from getting into contact and not breaking the circuit. The wire harness comprises sheaths for insulation and protection, binding all wires into one single harness.

  • Suitable for 12awg to 32awg
  • Cross / replacement connector is available
  • Suitable for casino machine
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days

ATF16949 wiring harness for a Gaming machine, casino machine, Soldering machine

A Summary of Casino Machine Wire Harness

Casino machines comprise the gaming equipment most people love. Thanks to technology, today, we can enjoy social lives and interact with others through these gaming machines. The demand for casino gaming machines has led to increased manufacture. To maintain the machine’s durability, a good wiring system is a priority. This involves having an appropriate casino machine wiring harness.

Wire harness helps to keep the wires and cables in the device intact. It reduces wear and tears risks due to abrasion caused by vibrations. For more details about the casino machine wire harness, let’s learn about its benefits, features, and requirements.

Common Casino Machine Wiring Harness Material

Casino machines have different types of wire harnesses. The differences depend on the weather condition. The common types of materials used to make the wire harnesses are; PVC-polyvinyl chloride, Vinyl, Polyethylene, and Thermoplastic elastomers.

Casino Machine Wiring Harness

A casino machine to be subject to extremely high temperatures with high humidity levels will require having PVC and polyethylene wire harnesses. It’s essential to note that PVC has a high resistance capacity as it can withstand high temperatures. It’s suitable for use between -40 and +1050C.

Benefits of Casino Machine Wire Harness

A casino machine wire harness provides several advantages over loose wires and cables. Binding many wires into a single wire harness offer the wires great protection and organizes them, among other benefits:

Casino Machine Wiring Harness

  • The casino machine wire harness secures the machine’s wire against the adverse effects of vibration, abrasions, and moisture. The wire harness binds the wires strongly, leaving no room for any form of movement.
  • Constructing the casino machine wires into a non-flexing bundle ensures optimum space usage and reduces shorting risks.
  • The wire harness reduced the installation time and cost- Little time is spent when a single wire harness as opposed to multiple wires. This means the installation expense is greatly reduced since little effort is required.
  • Improves wire organization with the machine. Many risks are associated with dealing with multiple wires.

A casino machine wire harness is one of the major aspects because it guarantees safety, organization, and minimized space and assures durability of the wiring system. Manufacturers always consider producing the best wire harnesses that will serve customers for a longer period. This is through ensuring every wire harness meets UL requirements. Therefore, when replacing a wiring harness, consider choosing one with the best material. For more details, consider inquiring with an expert or contact us.

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