M8 and M12 Connectors

M8 and M12 Connector

Can’t Get Reliable Connections, why not Try Out Our Field Instable M8/M12 Ethernet ECOCABLES takes pride in manufacturing M8 and M12 connector systems that feature a simple yet fully loaded solution including IO modules, connectors, and wire assemblies. All this makes it possible for users to decrease the installation and tooling expenses in the best …

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Molex Quick Disconnect Terminals

Molex Quick Disconnect Terminals

Molex quick-disconnect terminals are a favorite and common preference among users and electricians. They are manufactured in different designs that categorize them in various types based on the performance ability and nature of the invention. They are also referred to as fast-on connectors by many 1users. The Molex Quick Disconnect Terminals provide quick and fast …

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Heat Shrinkable Tube

Heat Shrinkable Tube

A heat-shrinkable tube is used for insulating wires to provide abrasion resistance and environmental protection for wire conductors in the electric field. Furthermore, industries can use it to restore insulated wires by repairing or binding them together to prevent small cables from abrasion. Heat shrink sleeve also provides entry seals for cables, thus offering outside …

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