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Compressor Wire Harness

A compressor wire harness is an efficient tool meant to keep multiple wires within a compressor within a particular order or arrangement.

This starts by having all wires’ conductors insulated. Then, the wires are bound together with an external covering or “sleeve.”

  • Suitable for 8awg to 32awg
  • Cross / replacement connector is available
  • Suitable for compressor
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • Frequency conversion refrigerator compressor connection wire harness
  • Product name: Frequency conversion refrigerator compressor connecting line
  • Terminal size: 2510-4P
  • Color: Red, black
  • 10 colors available: Red, black, blue, green, white, yellow, orange, gray, brown, purple
  • Wire gauge: UL1007 24AWG
  • Wire length: 350mm can be customized

Compressor Wire Harness Overview

Compressor wire harnesses have multiple applications. Depending on the compressor, you will realize that compressors have varying wire harness systems. However, the main purpose of the harness is to protect the compressor’s wires from allowing the current flow.

Types of Compressor Wire Harness

Wire harnesses come in different forms. There are diverse factors that lead to the difference, amongst them being; temperature difference, flexibility, and material. The common materials used in Compressor wire harnesses include;

refrigerator Compressor Wire Harness

  • Vinyl
  • Polyethylene
  • PVC
  • Polyurethane
  • Thermoplastic elastomer

Different environments will require a particular material to be used in a harness. However, you are likely to encounter some wire harnesses having other features like; heat-shrink coating, custom shielding, wire ties, etc.

Compressor Wire Harness Characteristics

Every compressor wire harness is unique, depending on its application. The main purpose is to serve the compressor’s end-user efficiently. The durability of a compressor is crucial, and it can be facilitated by having the right materials. The wire harness must be made from the right materials and done properly.

refrigerator Compressor Wire Harness

  • A compressor wiring harness involves the wires having insulation to protect the conductors from getting into contact.
  • A conduit or strap binds together the wires.
  • Additionally, a compressor wire harness must meet the ISO 9001 and UL standards. Both provide requirements a manufacturer needs to meet and approves the harness. This ensures the end-user will get durable wire harnesses.
Pros of Compressor Wire Harness

A compressor wire harness approved by the Underwriters Laboratories and ISO 9001 companies is expected to serve you right and for a long period. This means you shouldn’t risk purchasing compressor wiring harnesses lacking both or either of the certifications. Certified wire harnesses will enable you to enjoy a variety of benefits like;

  • Reduces the time to spend when repairing a compressor wiring system
  • Ensures the compressor wiring meets expected quality and meets customers’ needs
  • Protects the compressor’s wires from abrasion due to vibrations
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