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Computer Cable Assembly

Computers serve many vital purposes, especially in the current internet-controlled world. However, the right computer cable assemblies have to be put in place for the computer or PC to function properly.

These assemblies are responsible for transmitting data and power within the device. The primary computer cable assembly types include the data and power cable assembly.

Computer wiring harnesses exist in many types:

  • HDMI computer cable assembly
  • VGA computer cable assembly
  • Ethernet computer cable assembly
  • Molex computer cable assembly

The computer wire harness responsible for creating effective communication within the device is referred to as the data cable. This includes the DVI, VGA, and HDMI cable assembly. On the other hand, a Molex-style wire assembly and power cord attached to the computer are responsible for power transmission.

Computer wire harness has lots of importance within the PC system. It helps in connecting different devices both outside and inside the computer. These computer wire harnesses must transmit both analog and digital signals to perform various operations. They also power up the entire system- A reason why you have to be keen when choosing both new and customized computer wire harnesses.

What are the different types of computer wiring harness?

Different parts within the computer are closely associated with the entire system. These parts can either be directly connected to the system or needs a wire assembly to connect to the PC parts within the system. Some of the computer cable assembly include:

HDMI Computer Cable Assembly

This refers to a computer wire harness with the ability to easily transfer both video and audio signals with original images and quality. The main application of this assembly is to easily connect electronic devices like HDTV, TVs Projectors, and more. The best thing with such a cable is that it can transmit both video and audio signals at ago.

HDMI Cable Assembly

VGA Computer Cable Assembly

This computer wiring harness developed by IDM in 1987 has a vital role in an entire PC system. Its primary purpose is to create a connection between the CPU and monitor of the computer for video signal transfers. Its application is also extended to HD televisions.

VGA Cable Assembly

Ethernet Computer Cable Assembly

Generally, Ethernet cable assemblies are typically used in a wired network. The connection quality is determined by the durability and length of the Ethernet assembly. However, its application in computers also serves a vital purpose. Here it’s wise to choose an Ethernet computer cable assembly that effectively serves your purpose. You can also customize by selecting the color and length you wish the assembly to have.

Ethernet Computer Cable Assembly

Molex Computer Cable Assembly

This refers to a computer cable assembly that is located within the computer’s system. The central role of the assembly is to create the proper attachment between the drives and the PC power system. It also serves a vital part in the connection of hard drives, Video cards, and the disc drive.

Molex Computer Cable Assembly

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