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ECOCABLES D-Sub cable assemblies play a crucial role in different applications. Contact us today for more information on D-SUB cable assemblies and a quotation!

  • Available in 9. 15, 25, 37, 44, 50  position D-Sub connector, etc.
  • Available in male and female D-Sub connector
  • Cable in various lengths, colors, wire gauge, shielded and unshielded
  • Cable with molded and assembly D-Sub connector

ECOCABLES Your Best D-Sub Cable Assembly Manufacturer

D-Sub cable assembly acts as the link between a D-Sub port on a PC and an external device linked to the PC. Even though D-Sub cable assemblies are mainly associated with outdated computer systems, there are still lots of modern devices that continue to make use of D-Sub ports.

D-Sub cables, therefore, play a vital role even in modern error, especially when creating a link or connection between the computer and an external device. However, this is only possible if the recommended cables are put in place. With ECOCABLES, regardless of the kind of D-Sub wiring harness you pick, we always guarantee high-quality cables, and the best part is that the price is always friendly.

We also have a wide option of D-Sub cable assembly, including the 9-pin and 15-pin, 25 pin, 37 pin, 50 pin D-SUB assembly, etc. You can contact us for a wider choice.

Product By Various Pin Connector

9 Pin D-Sub Cable

This is a DB9 cable assembly with D-Sub 9 pin connector.

This is a DB15 cable assembly with D-Sub 15 pin connector.

25 Pin D-Sub Cable

This is a DB25 cable assembly with D-Sub 25 pin connector.

37 Pin D-Sub Cable
37 Pin D-Sub Cable

This is a DB37 cable assembly with D-Sub 37 pin connector.

44 Pin D-Sub Cable
44 Pin D-Sub Cable

This is a DB44 cable assembly with D-Sub 44 pin connector.

50 Pin D-Sub Cable
50 Pin D-Sub Cable

This is a DB9 cable assembly with D-Sub 50 pin connector.

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Product By Connector Gender

D-Sub Male to Male Cable
D-Sub Male to Male Cable

This is a cable assembly with a male D-Sub connector at both ends. Contact us today!

D-Sub Male to Female Cable
D-Sub Male to Female Cable

This is a cable with a male and female D-Sub connector.

D-Sub Female to Female Cable
D-Sub Female to Female Cable

This is a cable with a female D-Sub connector at both ends.

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Other Types of D-Sub Cable Assembly

HDMI To VGA D-Sub Adapter Cable

The HDMI to VGA D-Sub cable is used for HDTV PC computer monitors.

CVBS SVHS To D-sub VGA Adapter Cable
CVBS SVHS To D-Sub VGA Adapter Cable

The cable is designed for those PC video cards that support the TV-Out function.

DVI to VGA D-Sub Video Adapter Cable
DVI to VGA D-Sub Video Adapter Cable

This is a cable assembly with DVI and VGA D-Sub connector.

3 Products Found.

D-Sub Cable Assembly Advantages

Certified Guaranteed

Our production facilities in China have been operating for over 20 years and are, CSA, and ISO certified.

Highly Customizable

We’re committed to creating the right solution for customer requirements to meet their unique needs.

Small MOQ

Small quantities can be accepted. If you only need 50 pieces of D-Sub cables, please also contact us

Fast Delivery

Fully-automated production equipment has largely shortened D-Sub cable production time.

Internal Structure of Serial Port Cable

ECOCABLES D-Sub cable assemblies are designed to meet the different requirements of PCs and other communication devices. Our D-Sub assemblies also come in different gauges, including 24-30 AWG, all equipped with suitable materials like braided copper, aluminum insulated shields, quality connectors, and flexible PVCs.

Owing to high quality, our D-Sub cable assemblies are being used in various applications, including adaptor boards, printer connections, gaming consoles, and linking different camera brands. This has also made it possible for our team to offer solutions to some of the leading suppliers and OEMs by providing customized D-Sub wire harnesses to meet both high and mid-volume applications.

With our in-house full-service capabilities, we are able to control every aspect of the production process, starting with the design, tooling, validation, and production of D-Sub cable assemblies.

D-Sub cable assemblies

ECOCABLES D-Sub Cable Assembly Connector

ECOCABLES has a wide variety of D-Sub assemblies offering shielded and LSZH solutions when applied. We also provide different specifications to the D-Sub cable assembly depending on the customization specifications of clients.

Some of the D-Sub cable assembly arrangements we provide include DB9, DB15, DB25, DB37, DB44, and DB50, just to mention a few.

Our D-Sub cable assembly categories include double and single-ended designs for commercial and standard D-Sub connectors. The best part is that our clients also have a chance to contribute to the customization by choosing their desired shielding, screw types, jacketing, contact plating, and outer and inner moldings.

D-Sub Cable Assembly Structure

ECOCABLES manufactures a series of D-Sub series cable assemblies that provides optimal performance at an excellent price. These D-Sub assemblies feature a 24-30 AWG conductor that’s perfectly stranded. The amazing parts of the assemblies are that it utilizes foil shielding for better and more flexible performance.

These cable’s back shells are keenly designed and molded with copper shielding to bring out the perfect protection against sound. Using 4-40 thumbscrews when mating the hardware makes it easy to secure the D-Sub cable. The female connectors hex screws are easy to remove and expose the 4-40 screws.

Important to note is that ECOCABLES 50-pin D-Sub cable assembly uses 28 AWG twisted pairs because the cable features space limitations when it comes to the back shell design. But you can contact us if you have any other requirements.

About ECOCABLES Custom D-Sub Cable Assembly

9-pin VGA monitor to PC VGA 15-pin
VGA 9 Pin Male to Male Monitor Projector Adapter Cable

ECOCABLES offers a wide selection of D-Sub cable assemblies. We have the ability to customize the cable according to unique project requirements. Feel free to go through our D-Sub cable assembly categories and enjoy our outstanding customer service and quality products.

ECOCABLES understands how unique D-Sub cable connectors are, which is why we implement the connectors in our cable assembly production. The connectors have helped us meet different design requirements, particularly for assemblies that will be subjected to harsh environments during applications.

Characteristics of D-Sub Connector at ECOCABLES

D-Sub Cable Assembly
  • Secure and Firm Connections: D-SUB’s lock-down connection capability makes them the number one choice when it comes to various applications, particularly where the vibrations and jostling necessitate a permanent solution.
  • Affordability: The materials used in producing a D-SUB cable assembly are less costly when compared to the other connection options.
  • Design Flexibility: D-SUB cable assemblies offer a wider connectors option, including 9 to 50-pins, with a high-density possibility that expands the flexibility to 78-pins. The best part is that users have a chance to rewire, fine-tune, and reconfigure the connections with ease.
D-SUB Cable Assembly
  • Wider Application Range: Due to their affordability and dependability, ECOCABLES D-SUB connectors can be used in cable assemblies for different gaming and recording devices and TV applications
  • Broader Connection Possibilities: D-SUB assembly’s configurations, including surface mounts and through-hole PCB, make it possible to stake and filter EMI and RFI surroundings. The connectors also have different termination options, including crimping, soldering, and mass termination.
  • Long Lasting: D-SUB cable assembly design and construction greatly contribute to their durability, even in applications prone to jostling.

Applications of ECOCABLES D-Sub Cable Assembly

D-Sub Cable Assembly
VGA Displays

VGA refers to a video graphic array. They are pretty similar to display ports like DVI and HDMI. While VGA ports are considered analog ports, they have the essential role of linking the PC to a monitor. ECOCABLES provides a high-quality VGA D-Sub wire harness with the ability to provide easy and reliable links.

Game Ports
Game Ports

Gaming ports are outdated and mainly associated with older gaming console versions. However, the current market has continued to experience a popular reemergence of these gaming devices, with most gamers preferring to play using older consoles. ECOCABLES can provide  D-Sub cable assemblies for the game ports.

Printer Ports

Printers have a port that allows for proper connection between the printer and the computer. Due to this, a D-SUB cable is required for the two devices to receive and send instructions.

Computer Mouse

You’ll need a D-SUB cable to connect your computer and the mouse, especially if the mouse is not wireless.

Washing Machine Wire Harness
ECOCABLES - Custom D-Sub Cable Assembly Manufacturer in China

ECOCABLES has put in place measures that ensure we not only provide flexible custom D-Sub cables but one that can withstand the test of time through proper selection of materials and design!

  • “Having tried to outsource D-SUB cables from other manufacturers, it was quite difficult to get a company that could abide by all the customization and demand requirements put in place by my team. However, with ECOCABLES, the story changed. They not only made the best custom D-SUB cables, but I was also able to get the cables delivered on time. They also followed up to ensure the cables provided offered the best application solutions as required.”

  • “ECOCABLES’s customer service makes them stand out among D-SUB cable manufacturers. Coming from a different country, made my experience way easier. Despite the distance, they provided reliable feedback with updates on my ongoing D-Sub cable project. They ensured that I played a part in every part of the manufacturing project till the last minute.”

  • “ECOCABLES D-SUB cable assemblies are perfect for transmitting quality video signals. The Cable offers easy-to-use features and fits perfectly while working flawlessly. So far, my experience with ECOCABLES D-SUB cables has been amazing. This is highly reflected in the high demands my company has gained since I sourced ECOCABLES D-SUB cable production services, which is why I have continued to work with them over the years.”

D-Sub Cable Assembly: The Ultimate Guide

We also have a wide option of D-SUB cable assembly, including the 9-pin 15 pin, 25 pin, 37 pin, 44 pin, 50 pin D-SUB assembly, etc.

What are the funtions of D-Sub connectors?

D-Sub connectors provide reliable solutions to applications that necessitate quality and robust connectors, a reason why these connectors have managed to stand out as the best output and input interconnectors. The connectors help address different applications within different fields, including industrial, military, telecommunications, and medical.

D-Sub connectors act as both input and output, meaning they can mate with other PCB connectors or cables. All our clients who have had the chance to experience our customized cable assemblies integrating D-Sub connectors have all been amazed by how efficiently the assembly has served their applications.

What is the purpose of a D-SUB connector?

The D-SUB connection has parallel rows of connector pins enclosed by a metal shield that is shorter on one side and is often used to connect external devices to computers, has a metal shield that is shorter on one side.

D-SUB Cable Assembly

A D-Sub connector provides mechanical support and ensures correct orientation and screen display against electromagnetic interference.

What are the three types of D-SUB connector densities?

The pins on the D-Sub connectors are arranged in parallel rows. Densities refer to the amount of space among the pins, and there are three types:

  • Normal-2.84mm (0.112in) row spacing and 2.76mm (0.1087in) pin spacing
  • High-2.0mm (0.078in) row spacing and 2.3mm (0.09in) pin spacing
  • Double
What are the types of D-Sub connectors?

The D-Sub connectors come in different uses, densities, and pin layouts. They include;

D-SUB connectors

  • DE-9 –(Normal density) Commonly used for computer serial ports, they may also appear on token ring adapters and come with a pin layout of 5-4
  • DA-15-(Normal density) Has a pin layout of 8-7 Used for VGA connections
  • DE-15-(High density) Has a 5-5-5 pin layout
  • DB-19-(Normal density)  With a pin layout of 10-9, it’s commonly used for disk drives and monitors
  • DE-19-(Double density) Has a pin layout of 6-7-6
  • DB-25-(Normal density) Used for parallel port connections with a pin layout of 13-12
  • DA-26-(High density) With a pin layout  of 9-9-8
  • DA-31-(Double density) With a pin layout of 10-11-10
  • DC-37-(Normal density) With a pin configuration of 19-18, it’s used in a variety of sensors, switches, satellite antennas, and security control systems.
What are the benefits of using a D-Sub connector?
  • It’s multiple broad ranges of applications -because of its reliability and low cost, it provides the best solution to media applications which makes it an all-purpose interface for industrial networking, and video displays by transmitting signals such as data, power, and radiofrequency signals.
  • Durability-Its’ easy to install and compatible with your equipment.
  • More cost efficient-the fact that the D-Sub connector has been there for years, means it’s relatively low cost and it’s a testament to its versatility.

D-SUB Cable Assembly

  • Secure connections-the connectors contain firm threaded holes that secure the screws on the male D-Sub cable where they are used for locking technology which is used for keeping the mated positions on plugs and sockets.
  • A wider variety of connection options-It contains a different larger number of pins that allow many wiring options, PLCs, speed drives, power supplies, motors, and other automation equipment.
  • Good Flexibility-its small size made it a good choice to save space and weight on heavy connectors which allows you to rewire, configure and fine-tune connections easily.
What is a D-Sub contact size?

D-Sub pin is made of brass material having a contact size of 20 terminates to wire and a cable size range of 32-18AWG. It also has a mixed density insulator that combines size 8 and size 20 or 22 contacts which allows the combination of signals in a package.

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