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The Strength Of ECOCABLES

ECOCABLES is a factory specializing in the development and production of various types of DC power cords. All materials have been tested by SGS and comply with the EU Environmental Protection ROHS Directive.

We have professional production equipment, professional technical personnel, complete scientific quality management system. All kinds of DC power cable products can be customized according to customer requirements.

Various DC Cables

USB to DC Cable

USB to DC5.5/3.5/4.0/2.5 DC charging cable.

DC5521 DC5525 Cable

DC5.5*2.1 male to male power extension cord.

DC5521 Male Female Cable

DC5521 single head male & female cable.

DC male to femle cable
DC5521 Male to Female Cable

DC5.5*2.1 male to female DC power cord.

DC to Alligator Clip Cable
DC to Alligator Clip Cable

DC to alligator clip battery charging cable.

Dimming DC control cable
Dimming DC Control Cable

LED dimmer 5V/12V/24V control cable.

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Advantages of DC Cables

Reliable Rubber

Reliable insulating rubber with high temperature resistance 80°C cold resistance – 20°C long service life.

Good Performance

Waterproof, Dustproof, anti-corrosion, flame retardant, anti-oxidation and environmental protection.

Good Conductivity

Adopt a pure copper wire core with strong conductivity and reject the use of inferior pure copper.

Smooth Insertion And Removal

500 times of male female interface connection and plug-in resistance.

Comes with Various DC Jack Connectors

Our DC cables are perfectly equipped with different high-end connectors serving other specifications—with the ability to meet everyday equipment use. Therefore, ensure you choose a connector that perfectly suits your application needs.

DC connectors included:

  • Male and female connectors
  • Straight and right angled connectors
  • 7.4 *5.0mm / 6.5 *1.4mm / 6.4 *4.4mm / 6.3*3.0mm / 5.5*2.5mm / 5.5*2.1mm / 5.5*1.7mm / 5.0*1.0mm / 4.8*1.7mm / 4.75*1.7mm / 4.0*1.7mm / 3.5*1.35mm / 3.5*1.1mm / 2.0*1.7mm / 2.0*0.6mm… …
DC power cable
dc charging cable

Suitable for Multiple Scenarios

ECOCABLES takes pride in producing high-quality DC cables for all your DC power applications. This includes connections between different power components and your DC power supplies.

They can be used to monitor equipment security power supply, LED power supply, small appliances, Bluetooth speakers, video players, amplifiers, mobile hard disks, routers, electric shavers, mobile microphones, cameras, fans, LCD monitors, and other equipment.

In addition, a wide range of DC cables can be customized according to your application demand.

Pay Attention to Quality and Refine Production

dc charging cable
Various DC connectors

With a variety of different voltages and currents power adapters.

Excellent pure copper conductor
Excellent pure copper core

Pure copper is selected, which is non-rusting and anti-corrosive. The transmission performance is faster.

PVC wire
High quality PVC material

The wire body and plug are wrapped in PVC material with good corrosion resistance, tensile resistance and insulation.

dc connector
Support customization

The sizes of 5.5X2.1 and 5.5X2.5 male and female connectors are strictly made in accordance with standard sizes. Products can also be customized according to demand, with wide application and quality assurance. Support Customization

DC Cable
What is the features of a DC connector cable?

DC plugs or connectors refer to electrical connectors responsible for supplying direct currents or DC power. This connector is an important component when it comes to DC power chords.

Compared to the normal AC power extension cable, DC power extension cable connectors feature more standard types that are never interchangeable. DC connector cable features a different arrangement and dimension depending on the application. The DC extension cable design helps prevent the possibility of incompatible loads and sources and accidental interconnections while extending the overall length of a standard DC cable.

DC Power Extension Cable

The DC connectors vary from automotive DC cables to battery packs and portable equipment. DC cable’s main material is normally copper due to its high flexibility nature, thermal performance, and ability to carry current capacities effectively.

What is the difference between AC cables and DC cables?

There are major differences between a DC power cord and an AC cable. The difference exists in terms of characteristics and even application. Here are some of the common differences between these two cables.

AC cables and DC cables

The DC cable system is very different from the AC system. DC power cords are used in rectified DC transmission systems. On the other hand, AC cable is often used in power frequency systems.

DC cables feature minimal power loss as opposed to AC cables. A DC power cord power loss normally arises due to the cable’s conductor resistance loss, meaning the insulation loss is quite small depending on the current fluctuation upon rectification.

A DC cable makes it possible to change the power transmission direction while adjusting the current.

What are the benefits of DC cable?

A DC cable comes with lots of benefits. To start with, the cable is quite safe to use. This is because the inherent features of a DC power cord transmission make it impossible for the cable to generate any induced current or current leakages. A DC cable will also not have any interference when it comes to the electric field generated by the other cables.

DC power supply cable

The DC cable single core laying cable never affects the cable’s overall transmission performance due to the hysteresis loss of the cable’s steel structure bridge.

The installation of a DC cable is quite simple and cost-effective. The same applies to the cable’s maintenance.

How to choose a DC cable?

DC cable’s main application involves the cables being situated outside. Therefore the DC power cord chosen has to withstand the different environments. This means the DC cable must withstand the following factors:

DC charging cord

  • UV radiations
  • Ozone
  • Fire
  • Shock
  • Water

When choosing your DC cable, you have to keep in mind aspects like the jacket material, operating voltage, cord length, voltage drops, wire shape, and the string DC cable strand, among others.

A DC power cord has a vital role in different applications, including solar power plants. Therefore, it is important to ensure you choose a DC extension power chord that can perfectly meet your application needs in the best ways possible.

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