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Delphi Wiring Harness

Delphi wiring harness is made by using Delphi connectors to make reliable and perfect OEM cable assemblies for your automobiles and other appliances.

Delphi wiring harness is rather an effective and economical solution for your vehicle issues. These wire cable assemblies come with a heat-shrink-covered end with an additional jacket or a zip tie.

These wire harnesses are light in weight, small and durable so that they can be used in nearly all parts and places in the automobile.

  • High-Performance wire materials
  • Cross / replacement connector is available
  • Low MOQ from 50 pcs to start

– Voltage: 12V
– Built using 16 AWG automotive TXL wire, Nylon high temperature rated split loom tubing, and Delphi Connectors and terminals
– Plugs into OEM fuse box, requires OEM switch relay and fuse to function

Fits for Chevy Silverado 1500 2500 2003-2006, ( 2007 Classic )

What is a Delphi connector?

Delphi connector is one of the OEM connector types made by Delphi wiring assembly manufacturers. These connector series are highly reliable for they are made of sealed connections. These sealed connections make Delphi connectors resistant to environmental hazards and resilient to temperature fluctuations.

Delphi connector

Hence, their reliability and quality make them the best choice for automobiles, other vehicles, and applications.

What are the different Delphi connector series?

With sealed and secured connections, these Delphi connectors can be installed without much hassle. Delhi connector series include different positions varying from 1,2,3,4 and 6 respectively.

These connectors are sturdy enough to withstand heavy and continuous vibration, stress, and aberration. Last but not the least, Delphi connectors are provided with a double lock mechanism to make sure that the connections remain tightly intact during extreme conditions.

Delphi wiring harness

Some of the Delphi connectors include the following:

  • Delphi connector PN: 15439908 with 4 cavities from 2.8 connector timer series
  • Delphi connector PN: 28054804 with 40 cavities from 064 connector series
  • Delphi connector PN: 28032115 with 28 cavities from micro connector series
  • Delphi Connector PN:28013966 with 54 cavities
Why is a Delphi wiring harness better for your automobile?

Delphi wiring harness was first manufactured with the need to aid the fuel economy of vehicles and other automobiles.

Delphi Wiring Harness

Therefore, the Delphi wiring harness is perfect for all old and modern vehicles for these cables are not only light but are more durable and long-lasting. The wire cable assemblies are made to make your vehicle move like new again.

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