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Deutsch Wiring Harness

The Deutsch wiring harness is a cable with the Deutsch DT connector.

Deutsch Connector Wiring Harness, designed for harsh conditions, is meant to meet your needs. The material used in making the wire harness guarantees delivery of sufficient protection to your wiring system. Deutsch Wire Harness offers a high level of durability with its applications in different industries like automotive and marine.

  • Suitable for 12awg to 32awg
  • Deutsch DT connector
  • Cross / replacement connector is available
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • Sample available
  • Product Name: KST waterproof terminal cable
  • Connector Specifications: KST: SNYM2-4
  • Color: Black
  • Wire: UL3266 14AWG
  • Wire length: 580mm

An Overview of Deutsch Wiring Harness

Deutsch connectors must be common components to you, right? They comprise a group of environmentally sealed connectors meant for use in extremely harsh conditions.

Such environments comprise areas where serviceability is a necessity. These connectors are connected to cables organized in wire harnesses. Failure to organize wires within a device makes it difficult to repair or replace a burnt cable or wire. This gives a reason why the Deutsch wiring harness is significant.

Identify the Part Number on A Wire Harness

You will realize that a majority of wiring harnesses have to identify part numbers. The numbers are in separate locations on the harness. In most instances, you will find the number on a piece of tape normally wrapped on the harness. Else, you can check on whatever component the Deutsch wiring harness is connected to, plus the wires’ colors.

Deutsch DT Wire Harness

Benefits of Deutsch Connector Wiring Harness

A Deutsch DT wiring harness has various benefits that facilitate its application in different industries. Some of these benefits you will identify include;

Deutsch DT Wire Harness

  • Saves installation cost and time- When an installation deals with a single cable at a time, it’s likely to be tedious and expensive. However, handling a bunch of cables in a single harness makes the work simple.
  • Protection of the cables- Deutsch wiring harness ensures the cables are bound together. This leaves no room for the cable’s movement or interaction with abrasive materials. Therefore, the cables remain safe.
  • Reliability- Normally, the Deutsch wiring harness involves using tough materials, for example, PVC. PVC is a reliable material in wire harnesses as it’s highly flexible and has a high-temperature resistance ability (-400C – +1050C). Also, has a high resistance level and thus acts as a great insulator.
Applications of Deutsch DT Wire Harness

Deutsch connectors have multiple applications. You will find them used in industries across the world. This leads to an increased application of a Deutsch connector wiring harness. The wire harness is seen to be a necessity due to its high durability levels and field maintenance. Some of the industries you will find this kind of wire harness include;

  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • RV
  • Companies dealing with database
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