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Dupont wire – widely also known as a Dupont jumper wire are single or group of electrical wires in a cable
attached to a connector or pin at both ends.

  • Tinned copper, PVC.
  • Jumper wires male to male
  • Dupont wire male to female
  • Jumper wires female to female
  • OEM and ODM accepted

Custom Any Dupont Cables for Your Project

ECOCABLES is a well-known industry leader when it comes to Dupont cable customization services. We are the leading Dupont cable manufacturer company dedicated to delivering better customization services— ensuring our clients enjoy solution-based cables that meet every application requirement to the fullest. Backed with state-of-the-art machines and technology, we can easily design a customized Dupont cable using our highly skilled professionals who have what it takes to perfectly expand on your custom cables using our custom cable assembly capabilities.

Being professionals in what we do, we can create better avenues for reliable and personalized customization services for all your orders within the shortest time possible—making us your go-to company for all custom cable assembly services.

Various Dupont Cables

usb dupont cable

USB 2.0 A male to 5 pin Dupont male header Dupont cable cord.

3 Pin Dupont Cable
3 Pin Dupont Cable

Female to female jumper wire Dupont 3 pin jumper wires for car.

4 Pin Dupont Cable

4 pin female to female Dupont cable connector jumper wire Dupont cable.

6 pin dupont cable
6 Pin Dupont Cable

6 pin female to female Dupont cable connector multicolor jumper wires for Arduino.

6 Pin Dupont Cable
10 Pin Dupont Cable

10 pin female to female Dupont cable connector multicolor breadboard jumper wire kit.

Dupont Ribbon Cable

40 pin male to female&male to male&female to female breadboard jumper wires.

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What Is a DuPont Cable?

Dupont cables are also known as Jumper wire cables. These cables are normally low-cost cables that serve an essential purpose in applications that involve connecting different hardware like Arduino boards, sensors, and breadboards together. These cables can either be male-to-male, female-to-female, or male-to-female cables.

It’s, therefore, important to ensure you choose a Dupont cable that matches the devices that you intend to interface with.

jumper wires
Dupont Cable Connector

Quality Dupont Cable Connector

ECOCABLES offers customers complete Dopont cable process solutions using various Dopont connectors depending on the demands of each application,

Our Dupont connector is an excellent electrical conductivity, insulation and flame retardant material. The connectors are made of high quality materials, and they’re resistant to dirt, and corrosion.

Various Dupont connectors available:

  • Single row and double row connector housing
  • Male and female connector housing

ECOCABLES Dupont Cable Benefits

  • Standard 2.54mm pitch (or 2.0mm pitch)
  • Tinned copper, reusable and durable, low resistance, stable Current
  • 11 or 12- core tinned, copper wire, easy to solder, not easy to rust
  • Tinned copper, stiff and hard, not easy to bend and rust
  • Environmentally friendly PVC, no pungent odor, good flame retardancy
  • … …

ECOCABLES Dupont Cable Features

Dupont Wire
Wide Useage

Dupont cables have a more comprehensive application range, including interconnecting breadboard components. These cables are perfect for prototyping and development with single-board PCs, electrical modules, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino, among others.

Dupont Wire
Premium Quality
  1. High-quality copper tinned and PVC insulations: We always make use of the best materials when manufacturing our Dupont cables to ensure maximum efficiency during applications.
  2. Our Dupont cable offers a quick, simple, and cost-effective solution for mass terminations— making them more reliable than the other cables.
  3. They also offer weight and space-saving solutions that are unique compared to the other wiring approaches. These cables are also ideal for different applications, including computers, digital and audio devices, as well as interface units.
dupont cable 1
Use Them in Individual

If you need to use a single wire, you can easily separate them into 1 wire, which is still super durable and can be used repeatedly if not damaged.

  • “High quality and 5 days quick delivery.”

  • “Just what I needed for a project.”

  • “These were exactly what I was looking for.”

A Summary of DuPont Cable

With the emergence of new trends every day, the wire and cable market is faced with the creation of different challenges that affect digital transformation, industrial automation, sustainability, and vehicle electrification.

Why is DuPont cable a practical solution for components?

With thousands of electronic components around a breadboard, you’ll realize how highly practical DuPont connector wires of various lengths are when it comes to different applications and connections.

DuPont Cable

Due to their different colors, DuPont jumper wires greatly facilitate easy recognition within a tangle of wires – often prototypes. The classification is done by function: the color black is ground, yellow for PWM signal while red 5V, and so on.

Moreover, at any given time the wire will tend to be tensed, it’s able to come out easily from the cavity by loosening itself. Since the DuPont connector wires come with two ends, they are available in sequence with an end of male-to-male, male-to-female, and female-to-female. This enables anyone working with them to have a wide range of various combinations; for example, long female to female DuPont cables can be used as extensions.

DuPont Cable

An important thing to keep in mind is that there is always a major difference when it comes to the male end of the wire and the female end. Normally the male and female end of the connectors is not encapsulated within the DuPont plastic’s black connectors. Instead, they have a black shell covering that features a cylindrical sheath.

For ideal results, it’s advisable to use the DuPont wire with male ends. This is due to the fact that single channel connectors come with a parallel arrangement with the ability to accommodate different female connectors. The mounting however applies to a casing square with DuPont.

The DuPont cable is widely available for distribution all over the world. They come containing chains of 100, 150, and over with DuPont connector wires, ready to be soldered and crimped. These enable you to work easier and more comfortably at your own pace.

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