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DuPont Cable

DuPont wire – widely also known as a DuPont jumper wires are single or group of electrical wires in a cable attached to a connector or pin at both ends.

DuPont cable is normally used as an interconnection for components such as breadboard, on a prototype of testing circuits and equipment that don’t require soldering.

  • UL / VDE cable
  • Custom length
  • Male to female jumper cables
  • Male to male DuPont cables
  • Female to female DuPont cables
  • Product Name: DuPont cable
  • Connector Type: Standard 2.54mm pitch dupont housing connector / 1pin-1pin
  • Cable length: 30cm (11.8 inch)
  • Cable material: 12-core pure copper wire
  • Cable features: Separable multicolored (10 colors) softness ribbon cables
  • For DIY experiment / Electronic projects / Breadboard / PC motherboard / PCB project

A Summary of DuPont Cable

With the emergence of new trends every day, the wire and cable market is faced with the creation of different challenges that affect digital transformation, industrial automation, sustainability, and vehicle electrification.

Since there is a need to address the rapidly evolving market, regulatory requirements demand the industry innovative to advance the quality of materials that are used to help attain better performance, safety, and sustainability of newly designed cables and wires.

Why is DuPont cable a practical solution for components?

With thousands of electronic components around a breadboard, you’ll realize how highly practical DuPont connector wires of various lengths are when it comes to different applications and connections.

DuPont Cable

Due to their different colors, DuPont jumper wires greatly facilitate easy recognition within a tangle of wires – often prototypes. The classification is done by function: the color black is ground, yellow for PWM signal while red 5V, and so on.

Moreover, at any given time the wire will tend to be tensed, it’s able to come out easily from the cavity by loosening itself. Since the DuPont connector wires come with two ends, they are available in sequence with an end of male-to-male, male-to-female, and female-to-female. This enables anyone working with them to have a wide range of various combinations; for example, long female to female DuPont cables can be used as extensions.

DuPont Cable

An important thing to keep in mind is that there is always a major difference when it comes to the male end of the wire and the female end. Normally the male and female end of the connectors is not encapsulated within the DuPont plastic’s black connectors. Instead, they have a black shell covering that features a cylindrical sheath.

For ideal results, it’s advisable to use the DuPont wire with male ends. This is due to the fact that single channel connectors come with a parallel arrangement with the ability to accommodate different female connectors. The mounting however applies to a casing square with DuPont.

The DuPont cable is widely available for distribution all over the world. They come containing chains of 100, 150, and over with DuPont connector wires, ready to be soldered and crimped. These enable you to work easier and more comfortably at your own pace.

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