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EC3 Cable

EC3 cables are the cables using the EC3 connector.

EC3 charger cable is a common type of cable you will need to have for your car. It ensures your car’s performance is improved. With its unique features, you will realize that the cable will serve you for an extended period.

However, it’s necessary not to mishandle it. In case you are planning to purchase an EC3 cable, consider this information as it will be of much help. Also, contact us for more details of the same.

  • EC3 connector
  • Silicone wire
  • Suitable for your RC model wiring needs. 
  • Flame retardant, heat resistant, high-temperature resistance.
  • This adapter is perfect for wiring two batteries with EC3 connectors together in series.
  • Combines two battery packs together in series with EC3,EC3 series adapter increases capacity for doubles runtime.
  • Wire Length: 10cm / 4inch;Wire Gauge: 14AWG Heatproof Soft Silicone Cable.
  • Connectors: 1x female ec3 and 2x male ec3 connections.

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An Outline of EC3 Cable

EC3 cables are connected to EC3 connectors. The name EC3 derives from the E-flite connector, a 3mm connector. The EC3 cable has male and female connectors on either side used to connect to other connectors and electrical power devices. It must be connected to a connector compatible with its pins to work efficiently.

Normally, an EC3 charger cable is applicable in vehicles with batteries with large capacities and ensures efficient power transmission. However, compared to EC5, EC3 is used with vehicles with lesser power as their design is different from that of EC5 cables and connectors.

What is an EC3 Charger Cable

An EC3 cable’s applications are linked with battery power. The cable is designed with a copper conductor. Copper is a preferred conducting material in these cables as it has a significant conductivity level of 5.96×107 σ (S/m) at 20 °C and a low resistivity level of 1.68×10−8 ρ (Ω•m) at 20 °C. This makes the use of copper in EC3 cables to be a great choice.

EC3 charger cable

The cable is highly flexible, so you can easily fold and position it in any given shape of preference.

Features of an EC3 Battery Cable

An EC3 charger cable is uniquely designed to serve its purpose. Its unique features help differentiate them from other types like EC5, an advanced version of the EC3. This means that whenever you wish to purchase an EC3 cable, look out for specific features or ask the salesperson to assist. However, the common features you need to know include;

EC3 Plug cable

  • An EC3 Plug cable is commonly used in smaller cars since they don’t require much power.
  • These cables are connected to EC3 connectors, 25mm and 17mm long and wide, respectively.
  • An EC3 cable has a length of about 30cm.
  • The cable can transmit power of approximately 90Amps. However, many EC3 cables are designed to carry electric power of about 50 to 60Amps.

EC3 Plug cable

Benefits of an EC3 Charging Cables

An EC3 plug cable has several applications in the automotive industry. The cable’s flexibility, size, plus other features allow it to perform significantly efficiently. More advantages of these cables include;

EC3 Male Female Connector RC Lipo Battery Silicone Wire Cable

  • The cable is made of a conductor and insulation material that maintains its flexibility. They can be folded with ease without breaking or getting damaged.
  • An EC3 cable is small in size, making it possible for the cables to be used in limited spaces.

EC3 Battery Charging Cable

  • The cables are efficient in carrying electric current- The copper conductor ensures the cable transmits high voltage current without resistance.
  • EC3 cables are insulated with PVC insulation- PVC material allows the cables to work even in extreme temperature conditions. Also, it’s resistant to chemicals, oil, grease, moisture, and abrasion.
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