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EC5 cable is a cable using an EC5 connector. ECOCABLES can customize your EC5 cable according to your needs!

  • EC5 battery connector
  • Mass production 5-7 days
  • High-performance wire materials
  • RoHS compliant
  • A cross/replacement connector is available

Will ECOCABLES Be A Nice Choice?

Our EC5 charger leads are designed and manufactured using high-quality materials. This is to ensure our clients enjoy nothing but the best quality connections each time they charge their battery—a whole new reason why you need to contact us for all your EC5 cable needs.

Our EC5 cables have high current endurance and can protect your toys from short circuits and outside influences. EC5 cables provide a strong and reliable connection with a reusable connector end design that can be inserted and removed from the housing multiple times.

And these EC5 battery cables are specially designed for connecting batteries and ESCs and are perfectly suitable for various remote control car models, aircraft models, ship models, etc.

Various EC5 Cables

EC5 Male Connector to EC5 Female Connector Cable

The is an EC5 male connector to EC5 female connector extension cable.

EC5 Male to Banana Cable

This is an EC5 male connector to 4mm banana plugs battery charge lead.

ec5 male to xt60 female cable

This is a male EC5 to XT60 Female plug connector adapter cable.

EC5 Jumper Cable
EC5 Jumper Cable

This is a EC5 jump dtarter cable with battery clamps.

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EC5 Cable in China

With over 20 years of experience as a leading custom EC5 battery charger cable assembly manufacturer.

EC5 Cable: The Ultimate Guide

EC5 are advanced version connectors of the EC3 connectors. An EC5 connector is an abbreviation of an E-flite Connector 5mm connector connecting other connectors and electric power accessories. The upgrading of the EC3 to EC5 connectors also led to the upgrading of the EC5 cables for compatibility. Using a bigger battery on your vehicle will require you to use an EC5 connector and cable to improve its performance.

EC5 cable transmits higher voltage than EC3 cable, thus, increasing your car’s power. An EC5 cable works best with accessories that use battery power. An EC5 charge cable is connected to an EC5 connector and acts as a power transmission medium.

EC5 Vs. EC3 Charging Cable

EC5 and EC3 cables have similar features but differ in various aspects. Some of the cables’ similarities are;

  • Both cables are efficient when using  battery power
  • They are made from conductors, commonly copper, a great electricity conductor.
  • They are greatly flexible as they can be folded with ease.
  • They have insulations colored red and black (or yellow)

EC5 and EC3 cables’ differences are;

EC3 cables

EC3 plug Cable

  • EC3 charging cables are applicable for smaller vehicles.
  • The cables have connectors 17mm wide and 25 mm long.
  • An EC3 cable is approximately 30cm long.
  • The cable can handle the energy of about 90Amps, but a majority of the cable’s operations require 50-60 Amps.

EC5 Cables

EC5 Plug Cable

  • An EC5 cable is meant for bigger operations, for example, fast racing cars and driving bashers.
  • The cable has a connector 34mm long, and 20 mm long but varies from one model to another.
  • The cable’s length ranges from 30-35cm
  • The cable handles operations requiring 120Amps
Is a JST ZH cable connector compatible with ZR insulations connectors?

The answer is simply yes. This is since a ZH cable connector features a shrouded header that can easily be used as a ZR IDC style cable connector or a ZH crimp style cable connector. The shrouded feature of this connector, therefore, makes it possible to use the connector interchangeably without the need for a replacement.

Jst ZH wire harness

Applications of EC5 Charging Cable

An EC5 cable is used in bigger vehicles like fast racing cars and driving bashers. The cable is efficient for such an operation due to its ability to transmit higher voltage. It can manage to work sufficiently with bigger and/or multiple batteries with ease. The cable’s ability to transmit more energy ensures a fast racing vehicle reaches greater acceleration within a short span.

 EC5 Charging Cable

The EC5 cable has a robust insulating jacket that prevents current flow interference. Also, the insulation makes the cable flexible and protects the cable even at extremely high temperatures.

Significances of an EC5 Charge Cable

An EC5 cable efficiently improves the power supply for higher operations to increase performance. This cable has a variety of advantages enabling it to serve its purposes efficiently;

EC5 Charge Cable

  • The cable has PVC insulation- highly resistant to extremely harsh conditions (abrasion, high-temperature, chemical corrosions)
  • Efficient in transmitting electric current with high voltage
  • Highly flexible and applicable in limited spaces.
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