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Electronic Cable Assemblies

Electronic cable assemblies are wires used to transmit electronic power to the entire electronic circuit or system. These cable assemblies are necessary elements of our homes, offices and daily life uses.

We can provide the sample for you to check the quality first. Contact us to custom any electronic cable assembly for your project.

  • Alternative connectors & wires recommended
  • ISO Certified
  • ROHS & REACH & HF compliant,tested by SGS
  • 100% tested before deliver
  • Product Name: electronic cable assembly
  • Wire: 1awg
  • Wire Color: blue*3, black*3
  • Conductor: 34/0.18TS
  • Housing: molex 0039012125/ tyu #ty4281hno-2*6p
  • Terminal: molex 0039000038/ ty4281tph-a(18-22awg)
What are the uses of electronic cable assemblies?

Electric cable assemblies are generally used to protect the short circuits in harsh temperatures and extreme conditions, the outer cast of these wires is Thermoplastic Rubber or ThermoplasticVinyl which provides the inner copper or silver wires a durable resistance against the environment.

Electronic Cable Assembly

Cable assemblies cable keep save from what conditions?
  • Extreme warm temperature /Extreme freezing temperature are vulnerable against wire work due to their strong durability.
  • Electrical or mechanical friction caused by sudden or speed movements can result are hazardous to electronic systems, these wires work fantastic against these frictions.
  • Wire expansion in summers and compression in winters causes abrasion to electronic cables, but electronic wire cables are made to work against these scenarios.
  • Durable to Humidity.

Electronic Cable Assembly

What are the basic functions of cable assemblies?

Different types of electronic wires gather haphazardly look unmanaged and can create serious series of problems leading to a wire break or human life loss, electronic wire assemblies for the safety and easy life of people create a common unit through combing different groups of wires in one place, it creates an easy route for common electronic connection.

molex cable assembly

What are the general uses of electronic wire assemblies?

Electronic Cables are frequently used in industries linked with electronics, construction, automotive, cable companies, electronic appliances, and other electronic hardware applications.

What is the composition of the cable assembly?

Pure copper or Aluminum which are highly conductible electric metals are used in barbed wires, copper is known for its flexibility with electricity and low resistance rate. The inner metal of electric wires are conductive to electricity high to low volt, depending upon their composition, the coating shell is polyvinylchloride which is thermoplastic material, PVC is highly durable to hear, high or low voltage, Ultra Violet rays, etc.

cable assembly

Which country supplies most electronic assemblies?

Nigeria, China, Japan, USA, Malaysia are prominently known for the best manufacturing of electrical cables assemblies and wire globally.

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