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Elevator Wire Harness

An elevator wire harness can help elevators ensure reliable and smooth elevation movement.

Without a proper wire harness might cause an elevator to malfunction, either fail to open or close the door, and other operations. The elevator wire harness helps integrate different wires, which eases the installation.

Types Of Elevator Harness:

  • Passenger Elevator
  • Freight Elevator
  • Automobile Elevator
  • Home Lift
  • Structure Lif
  • Product name: Elevator cable assembly
  • Cable: UL1007 28AWG
  • Cable length: 760mm can be customized
  • Note: OEM processing can be customized, according to customer requirements processing wire specifications, length, etc.
Type of Elevator Wire Harness

There are elevators types with different components, making them operate efficiently. This implies that each elevator has a different wiring system and wire harness. When an elevator has issues with its wiring, an expert inspects it thoroughly to determine which component is malfunctioning. Therefore, some of the elevator wirings harnesses we have included;

  • Freight elevator harness
  • Home lift harness
  • Automobile elevator harness
  • Passenger elevator harness

Elevator Wire Harness

The elevator wiring harness range from;

  • Fire harness
  • Cartop harness
  • Call harness
  • Display harness
  • Limit switch harness
  • Control to midway harness
  • Landing lock harness
  • Governor and braker harness
Benefits of Elevator Wire Harness

An elevator has multiple components and wiring systems, making it tedious and complicated to locate a problem or repair. Elevator wire harnesses have numerous benefits in helping solve the installation and repair process. Some of the benefits are;

Elevator Wire Harness

  • Wire organization by allowing combining groups of wires together, thus saving space.
  • Elevator wire harness ensures the safety of the wires- Protects the wires from electric shots since open wires may be posing a risk to the elevator.
  • Ensures easy wire inspection, control, and handling, ensuring the electrician’s safety.
  • Saves installation and repair time.
Applications of Elevator and Escalator Industry Wiring Harness

Elevator and escalator industry wiring harness has multiple applications. Its wiring system must meet the required standards for an elevator and escalator to function efficiently. Among the requirements is the wiring harness must involve the right material to protect the wires.

Manufacturers ensure elevator wire harness protects the wires by providing protective jackets mostly made from PVC. The elevator wire harness work in elevator applications in different weather conditions.

Elevator Wire Harness

The wire harness protects the wire from coming into contact. This prevents electrical shooting, which can be hazardous. The PVC jacket effectively prevents the wires from moisture and chemical corrosion. It‘s an abrasion-resistant material, especially during vibrations that are likely to cause electric wires to be in contact with each other.

Lastly, the elevator and escalator industry wiring harness ensures the wires can be organized efficiently for easy installation and repair.

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