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        If your project or your business needs to import flat cable assemblies, then ECOCABLES will be your best choice to manufacture your flat ribbon cable assembly orders.

        ECOCABLES is one of the leading flat ribbon cable suppliers. Our products include IDC cable assembly, gray ribbon cable and rainbow ribbon cable, and they are exported to America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and other countries and regions.

        At the same time, we provide various custom flat ribbon cable services according to customer needs. Fully automatic production line greatly saves production time.

Product Category

2.54 mm Pitch Ribbon Cable

This is a flat ribbon cable with grey conductors.

Rainbow Ribbon Cable

This is a multi-conductor ribbon cable with various colors of conductors.

You can custom your own flat ribbon cable with a D-SUB plug.

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The Best Custom Flat Ribbon Cable Factory

We can offer custom ribbon cable assemblies with different cable pitches. Very common cable pitch is 0.635MM, 1.0MM, 1.27MM. And we also custom ribbon cable assemblies with various types of connectors like IDC connector, DIP connector, D-SUB header, JST connector, etc.

They are widely used in computers, instruments, electrical appliances, LED displays, automobiles, color TVs, DVDs, monitors, and other fields that need to be connected.

custom ribbon cable assemblies
flat cable assemblies

Benefits of Flat Ribbon Assembly

  • Flat wire connectors are simple to use making them reliable in the application by eliminating the possibility of frequent wiring errors and malfunctions.
  • They do not require fillers or tapes during production. Something that helps in minimizing the cable’s physical volume.
  • These cables minimize skewing effects. With flat cables having intact electrical and physical length topped with consistent dielectrics, time wastage between signals under a given flat cable assembly is greatly minimized.

Flat Cable Assembly Factory

What do you need to know about flat cable assembly?

Have you ever seen the inside of a PC? If yes, then it’s clear you have come across a series of ribbon cable connectors joining different components inside the PC. These uniquely situated connectors provide a wider scope of functions, particularly where space limitation is a problem.

With this in mind, let’s jump in and get to understand what flat ribbon cable assembly is and how important these cables are to the application of your project.

IDC cable assembly

What is a flat cable assembly?

Flat cable assemblies are cables featuring several conducting wires that run parallel to each other on flat planes. The cable’s ribbon-like similarity is what contributes to them being referred to the as flat ribbon cable assembly.

The unique feature of flat cable assembly exists in the flat construction of the cables. While most of the other cables feature circular construction of one or many conductors, IDC ribbon cable assembly offers limited flexibility due to their thin nature. The design of these cables makes it easy for them to easily complete many connections at once.

IDC cable assembly

What are the features of flat ribbon assembly?

Well, to have an easy time setting aside flat ribbon cable assembly, you need to factor in two main features. This includes the spacing, also known as the pitch, and the number of conductors applied during manufacturing. Flat cable follows a recommended set scale. However, this does not mean that you cannot have customized spacing solutions to your own Vikings depending on the needs and requirements of your application.

flat ribbon cable

For the number of conductors applied, there is also a recommended standard scale. Nevertheless, customization options are still widely dependent on what you need and efficiency.

What are the types of flat cable assembly?

Flat cable assembly exists in different types. This includes but is not limited to twisted and rainbow custom ribbon cable assemblies. Each type comes with its own unique feature that sets it aside from the rest. With this let’s outline 4 of the most common flat ribbon assemblies that exist.

1. Twisted flat cable assembly

Twisted flat cable assemblies are a variation of standard construction. However, they feature merged conductor pairs that are twisted. Important to note is that this cable type is not the same as twisted paired cable. This is because not all parts of the cable are twisted. Twisted flat cable assembly design makes it possible for the PCB headers and connectors to be easily terminated using customary IDC cable assembly cabling approaches.

Twisted flat cable assembly(1)

2. Standard Flat ribbon cable assembly

This IDC ribbon cable assembly stands out due to its ability to mass terminate. A standard flat ribbon cable is easily identifiable due to its standard Frey color cable. It also falls under the category of most affordable flat wire connectors.

Standard Flat ribbon cable assembly

3. Rainbow flat cable assembly

Featuring a similar design in construction as the standard flat ribbon cable, this cable type stands out due to its rainbow coloring default. The rainbow colors play an essential role by ensuring you are able to easily identify and also organize each conductor. Rainbow flat cables can at times feature splitting ends for individual termination reasons. The cable also makes use of standard cable color codes.

Rainbow flat cable assembly

4. Round to flat cable assembly

Round to flat custom cables features a core of warped cables to form a circular shape. Just like its name suggests, many of the rounds to flat cables pose a circular formation. However, the end of the cable is flat. This makes it possible for this particular flat cable assembly to be used with IDC connectors.

Round to flat cable assembly

What are the applications of flat cable assemblies?

Flat conductor cables play major roles in the internal settings of your computer application. In the past, these cables were used in the different series of Apple 2 and BBC micros within the outdated computer models. Having evolved with technology, they are now being used in almost every machine. The cables common application currently include in hard and floppy drives and as wire harnesses.

flat cable assemblies

Can using flat ribbon cable assembly help in saving projects money?

One unique feature of custom ribbon cables is that they are easy to terminate. This is attributed to the fact that they feature controlled fixed spacing designs. Something that makes it possible for the cables to mass-terminate through the installed IDCs connectors. The IDC connectors on the same apply a forked type contact to penetrate the insulation, thus making contact with the conductor.

flat ribbon cable assembly

In most cases, both ends of flat ribbon cable assembly will feature installed IDC connectors. However, at times one end of the cable might utilize the IDC connector while the other end is crimped or fused. This IDCs help in simplifying termination, therefore, making the integration of flat cable assembly easy to achieve. This, in turn, saves the project money and time compared to less desirable options.

What are the benefits of flat ribbon assembly?

Flat cables offer lots of benefits when applied. Here are some of the benefits of using IDC ribbon cable assemblies:

  • The use of such cables eradicates the need for excess wires resulting in weight reduction. The design and production of flat cables also contribute highly to mechanically efficient cables that don’t require bigger conductors for extra strength.
  • Being highly flexible, these cables can therefore be used in industrial applications that need greater flexing.

IDC ribbon cable


what is the difference between the flat cable assembly and other cabes?

Flat cable assembly is simply the best evolution to any application. Unlike other cabling options, they feature different colors and constructions. However, important to note is the fact that the deciding aspect that determines whether your application needs to use such cables lies in the necessity of mass termination.

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