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Fuse Box Wiring Harness

Imagine changing a fuse box by fixing one wire at a time. How tedious can that task be? This is where the fuse box harness comes in to help ease the entire process.

You don’t have to worry about wires short circuits. Wire harness enables the proper organization of wires in a single band with a sleeve. Bounding the wires together ensures that the wires occupy limited space, thus reducing abrasion chances.

  • Suitable for 12wg to 32awg
  • Cross / replacement connector is available
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • Bakelite waterproof car safety box
  • Product Name: JH7016 Bakelite waterproof car safety box
  • Fuse holder: bakelite
  • Fuse insert: ATSMINI 1-40A
  • Color: Red
  • Wire gauge: UL1015 #16

  • The value ranges from 12AWG to 16AWG

  • Wire length: 50mm can be customized

An Overview of Fuse Box Wiring Harness

Electronic, electric, or mechanic devices have fuses. Fuses play a significant role in protecting circuits from an overload of current.

Due to high temperatures and vibrations, the fuse box harness needs to meet specific standards to protect the wires. Always, it’s indeed wonderful when you are assured that your wire harness serves the expected purposes for long enough.

Fuse Box Harness Types

Fuse box harnesses are of different types. They vary in their materials’ properties, ranging from how robust they are flexible and how much they can withstand high temperatures. PVC-made materials comprise the most common material used to make the fuse box harnesses.

Fuse Box Wiring Harness

However, other materials used for the same purpose include vinyl, thermoplastic elastomer, and rubber. In different environments, you might realize that the fuse box harnesses involve wire ties, custom shielding, lacing, or insulating material.

Pros of Fuse Box Wiring Harness

Watching any fuse box wiring at a close range, you will realize that all wires have insulators. Some wires have different colored insulators. These insulators protect the wires’ conductors that carry electric current. Therefore, the harness process is easy since the wires can be bound together. The wires are tightly held close to each other, leaving no room for abrasion. Let’s get deeper to grasp the significance of a fuse box harness.

Fuse Box Wiring Harness

  • A fuse box wiring harness binds wires into a single harness that helps to protect the wires by providing the utmost safety.
  • You don’t have to spend much time fixing or installing the wires.
  • The wires are safe from abrasions and fire risk from adverse vibration effects.
  • Wire harness helps to reduce the maintenance cost.
  • Lastly, a fuse box wiring harness fosters the durability and quality of the wires and cables by holding the wires strongly together.
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