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Fused Battery Cable

Fused battery cables provide a link between batteries and fuse block or starters. This cable plays a vital role in the car’s operating system when it comes to transmitting power to the car’s key points. A vehicle that lacks the appropriate fuse battery cable assembly will have a difficult time operating or even fail to work completely.

Any failure with the battery cable will result in power flow discontinuity making the other components of the car automatically fail. When selecting fused battery cables, consider double-checking the gauge and cable length.

  • The cable comes with a compact fuse holder
  • A fused battery cable has a fuse located at the power source
  • Protects the vehicle appliances from receiving power overload
  • Ring Terminal Harness Accessory for use with multiple batteries.
  • Black quick disconnect
  • For 12 volt models only
  • Contains a 7.5 amp fuse
  • Length : 2 ft
What are fused battery cables?

The fused battery cable design features two heavy-gauge wires. The positive wire comes with a red casing wire in a red casing – its purpose is to ensure proper connection to the vehicle battery and its computer system. The negative battery cable on the other hand is wrapped within a black casing. Its also referred to as the ground cable or ground strap.

Fused Battery Cable

The wire connects the battery to the chassis for grounding. Such a connection creates a closed loop allowing power from the battery to flow continuously throughout the vehicle’s essential components.

What are the applications of fused battery cables?

Technological advancement allows an in-line fuse to be applied inside battery cables. The in-line fuses are integrated into two cables connected by a fuse and fuse box or fuse holder. Connecting a fused battery cable helps to protect the circuit of the components being supplied with power. The fuse holder within the in-line fuse battery remains watertight. It ensures electrical devices connected to the vehicle battery are safe from overcharging with the current.

Fused Battery Cable

The filament within the fuse melts and breaks the circuit whenever the current exceeds the normally required charge. When the engine starts, the starter motors draw the highest current of all vehicle components. So, having an in-line fuse battery helps to protect the alternator as it is designed to break the circuit whenever there is an overload.

What are the advantages of using fused battery cables?

Fused battery cables are common cables in automobile electrical operating systems. They play a vital role in different applications, including transmitting power from the battery to other electrical appliances. Fused battery cables come in different lengths and depend on the type of vehicle and gauges. When replacing the cable, it is vital to check and confirm these two aspects to get the right ones for a specific type of vehicle.

Fused Battery Cable

Some of the common fused battery cables advantages are:

  • The cable comes with a compact fuse holder- No need to have an additional power distribution module or fuse holder.
  • A fused battery cable has a fuse located at the power source- This reduces installation time when replacing and repairing it.
  • Protects the vehicle appliances from receiving power overload.
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