Wire And Cable Assemblies For The Gaming Industry

ECOCABLES professionally operates various game machine wire harnesses using advanced sets of machines. We provide wiring for electronic gaming & entertainment equipment according to your necessities.

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Custom Wiring for Electronic Gaming & Entertainment Equipment

Over the years, there have been lots of technological advancements within the gaming and entertainment industry with significant improvements. The advancement has also seen the gaming and Entertainment industries playing a major role in the nation’s economy, with computers and other gaming equipment having a significant role within this industry.

However, to provide a wonderful gaming experience to the users, the gaming and Entertainment industry relies on the best cables, electromechanical assemblies, and wire harnesses applied in every device, including arcade machines and audio or visual devices, not forgetting simulation devices. Therefore, the gaming industry has to rely on high-quality cable assembly manufacturers like ECOCABLES. ECOCABLES gaming wire harness engineers are equipped with the necessary skills to guarantee your gaming equipment’s effectiveness.

Various Wire Harnesses for Gaming And Amusement Application

Casino Game Machine Wire Harness

The cable is able to apply to the casino game machine.

Arcade Game Machine Wire Harness

The cable is able to apply to the arcade game machine.

JAMMA Wiring Harness

The cable is able to apply to the JAMMA game machine.

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Advantages of ECOCABLES Gaming Wiring Harness

Great Protection

ECOCABLES uses cables that are entirely designed with a reliable protection system that includes better insulation materials to eliminate the possibility of leakages and other current problems.

wire harness

ECOCABLES wiring harness provides excellent durability. The material we use must undergo special treatment to achieve the best tensile strength, flexural rigidity, and stiffness.

Unique Craftsmanship

In pursuit of excellence, ECOCABLES game machine wire harness design is based on fine and unique manufacturing approaches, good materials, and fine craftsmanship.

Cost Effective

ECOCABLES’s game machine wire harness is seamlessly ideal as it saves money by simplifying your daily operations. Many companies prefer our wire harness, as they have low costs.

High-Quality Cables for Gaming And Entertainment

The gaming industry is considered one of the massive industries across the globe. The best part is that ECOCABLES has the experience and knowledge required to keep up even with the trendiest gaming and entertainment technology. Our customized wire and cable harnesses have the ability to meet all of your specifications.

The good thing is that you’ll also be updated on your cable assembly project progress from the beginning to the end. All this is to ensure we eliminate the possibility of potential defects during the production process.

Therefore, if you need a 100% guaranteed high-quality wiring harness for any gaming and Entertainment industry application, then ECOCABLES custom wiring harness is your best choice.

wiring harness
Game Machine Wire Harness

All kinds of Game Machine Wire And Cable for your Application

With ECOCABLES, you’ll get a wide variety of gaming applications wiring harnesses, including:

  • Wire harnesses
  • Computer cables: High-speed data cables, Ethernet PC interface cables, custom assemblies, and Joy stick wiring harness, among others.
  • Interface cables: VGA, USB, HDMI, and RS232 serial, among others.
  • Ribbon cables

Regardless of the game machine wire harness needed for your application, ECOCABLES is always there to ensure your dream comes true.

Custom Your Own Game Machine Wire Harness

With over 20 years of experience within the wiring harness industry for game machine and amusement machines applications, like Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM), Electronic Table Gaming (ETG), amusement vendors, crane and gift gaming devices, and medal gaming devices, ECOCABLES takes pride in providing solution-based wiring harness.

We offer customized and professional wiring harness services that are high-quality and perfectly meet your gaming and amusement applications needs while satisfying your demands in the best way possible.

Feel free to reach out and get more information and service for your gaming machine wiring harness.

Game Machine Wire Harness

Choose ECOCABLES Arcade Wiring Harness Prototype Fabrication

Game Machine Wire Harness
Game Machine Wire Harness

At ECOCABLES, our gaming wiring harness can perfectly apply to gaming machines, casinos, bingo, and JAMMA. We can customize the wiring harness according to the client’s requirements starting with the connectors, whether original or equivalent, the terminals, and cable lengths. We also assemble SACRT, RCA, DVI, VGA, HDMI, RF, USB, and SCSI flat cables with the wiring harness.

Custom Cabl​e for Specific Applications

The gaming wire harness, which is processed by SLH or L&W, is normally used in applications that involve gambling or gaming machines. At ECOCABLES, we always ensure we process the cable according to the client’s diagram. We can also use colored connectors, depending on the customers’ requirements.

The wires can also be braided-covered wires with expandable sleeves for better protection. ECOCABLES can also meet your braided expandable sleeves gaming wire harness demands regardless of size; therefore, reach out today for more information.

Game Machine Wire Harness

The benefits brought forth by the ECOCABLES game machine wire harness are limitless. To start with, these cables have made it possible for easy and simple connections. The cable has the ability to perfectly protect leakages and any other problem that arises. The game machine wire harness data cable features a protection system that includes the application of insulating materials.

The gaming cable assembly also features the best durability. The material and fabric used are specifically treated or blended to bring out the best tensile strength, rigidity, and stiffness.

Various Benefits of A Gaming Machhine Wire Harness

Make Product With Best Skills

ECOCABLES is an effective gaming wire harness manufacturing company that integrates the best skills, R&D, earnings, and manufacturing.

Comprehensive Manufacturing Management System
Comprehensive Manufacturing Management System

ECOCABLES has put in place a comprehensive manufacturing management system that involves IPC (Initial Production Check), PPI (Pre-Production Inspections), and DUPRO (During Production Inspection). All this is to ensure we produce high-quality gaming wiring harnesses.

gaming wire harness
Ensure The Quality

ECOCABLES’s focus is to ensure our customers get the highest priority through the production of quality and superior products. Any improvement or requirement of the wire harness is treated seriously by the production team, which is a reason why you should visit us today.

Washing Machine Wire Harness
Game Machine Wire Harness in China

We have been providing excellent custom products and services to our clients.

  • “A fantastic organization! Phenomenal customer support from the start to the end of the process. ECOACBLES’s team is highly professional and goes the extra mile at each stage of the process. I would highly recommend them unreservedly.”

  • “Being in the gaming field, I always had problems with my gaming devices, which made me source out the services of ECOCABLES’s custom gaming wire harness ever since my problem was solved.”

  • “ECOCABLES’s experts are extremely good at collecting first-hand customer information and using the information to solve customer problems. In my case, I got custom gaming wire harnesses that are reliable and affordable.”

Game Machine Wire Harness: The Ultimate Guide

Over the years, different industries have been changing, including the gaming industry. The gaming industry has a major role in different markets and economies. This means that the gaming industry plays a vital role in gaming equipment, including computers.

Why choose quality game machine wire harness?

Owing to the growing demand for gaming cable assemblies, it’s important to go for a gaming cable with what it takes to keep you on top of the latest gaming entertainment technology. This includes a game wire harness that can easily meet your gaming specifications.

Game Machine Wiring Harness

The manufacturer must also be in a position to keep you up to date regarding the progress of your gaming cable assembly from the start to project completion. At ECOCABLES, it’s our mission to ensure a reduction of error-free potential defects during the production and manufacturing process of the cables. All this is to ensure we keep our clients happy with our customized game machine wire harness.

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