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GPS Wiring Harness

Recently, technology has advanced with the use of GPS systems increasing globally. You can find GPS in systems in your automobiles, smartphone, and other sophisticated devices at risk of theft.

This has increased the need for a proper GPS wire harness that includes a systematic and integrated arrangement of the cable systems within a device.

  • Suitable for 12awg to 34awg
  • Cross / replacement connector is available
  • Suitable for GPS
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • Product name: GPS wiring harness
  • Connector 1: Molex
  • Connector 2: JST
  • Jacket Color: Black
  • Cable: 28AWG
  • Cable length: customized
  • Note: OEM processing can be customized, according to customer requirements processing wire specifications, length, etc.

An Overview of GPS Wiring Harness System

There is more to organizing the cables, like protecting the cables to avoid the conductors from exposure. Let’s now get to know more about wire harnesses in GPS systems.

How GPS wire harness is done ?

Cables and wires in a GPS system are bound together using a wire harness. The common types of wire harness material include electrical tapes, cable ties, conduits, sleeves, and straps. The GPS wiring harness makes it easy to install cables since they are well-organized within the wire harness. For the wire harness for the GPS to work effectively, GPS wiring must meet the required standards.

GPS wiring harness

What is the benefit GPS tracking wire harness?

GPS Wire harness comes with lots of advantages we can’t ignore. You can’t imagine having a wiring system with unorganized wires. How will you know the malfunctioning cable? This gives a reason why GPS cable assembly is significant. More advantages associated with GPS tracking wire harness include;

GPS wiring harness

Efficient Installation and Maintenance –The GPS cable assembly system makes the intricate wiring very simple. Repairing or replacing a wire harness in a GPS doesn’t require much effort since you only need to remove the entire system and replace it with a better one. This means the processes aren’t supposed to cost you much compared to when you are replacing one cable at a time.

Quality and Durability –The GPS wire harness ensures the innate binding of the wires. This reduces the chances of the cables getting damaged due to grinding against each other. Therefore, with a wire harness, the wiring system within a GPS becomes more reliable and ensures that the wires and cables will provide durable service.

Cables safety- A wire harness is efficient in protecting the cables. When they are bound in a single harness, they are allowed to operate efficiently without any interference.  GPS cable assembly protects the wiring system within a GPS system from intense vibration effects that are likely to damage the cables. The material used to make the wire harness works efficiently even in humid areas as it hinders moisture from getting through it.

Safes space– A wire harness binds the cables together thus leaving adequate space for other components. Also, this allows easy maintenance.

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