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Grey Ribbon Cable

Grey Ribbon Cable Description

A grey wiring harness refers to a series of planar cables. The cable comes with numerous wires which are designed in a parallel manner. The wires are also arranged within the same plane.

A grey ribbon cable mainly exists in a flat and rectangular shape. The flexible nature of a grey ribbon wire harness is responsible for holding together the connector. It also play an important role in transmitting higher data signals. Grey wiring assembly also makes it possible to manage conductors even where space is constrained easily.

Grey Ribbon Cable Color-Coded

Grey ribbon wire assembly color-coding has a vital role in preventing many defects including reverse connections. However, it is important to note that the coding has to follow a specific rule: the edge of the assembly bearing the red stripe must connect to the connector’s pin 1. Through color-coding users can identify the right sets of connectors.

Essentially, it aids in making the installation simpler since it’s easy to identify all important conductors for the connection.

20 pin flat ribbon cable
Computer Ribbon Cable

This is a ribbon cable used for computer equipment.

2mm Pitch Ribbon Cable

This is a ribbon cable with a 2mm pitch IDC connector.

1.27mm Pitch Ribbon Cable

This IDC connector is 1.27mm in pitch.

20 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable

This is a ribbon cable with a 20 pin IDC connector.

16 pin IDC connector flat ribbon cable

The is a ribbon cable with a 16 pin IDC connector.

10 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable

The is a ribbon cable with a 10 pin IDC connector.

A General Guide to Grey Ribbon Cable Assembly

Do you constantly find yourself making the wrong decision as far as choosing a grey ribbon assembly is concerned? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to understand better the application and features of a grey ribbon wiring harness.

How do you choose a grey ribbon cable size?

This is one of the few questions that normally engulf people’s minds. You can make use of two methods to pick the right Ribbon cable size for your application. This includes:

  • The conductor’s spacing
  • The number of conductors

Grey ribbon cable

For the pitch or spacing of the conductors, 1.27mm spacing is usually the assembly’s spacing. This type of spacing makes it possible for the connection of two-row connectors to have a pin spacing of 2.54mm. It’s also the common cable size type in most floppy disk drive assemblies.

Other ribbon cable connectors include 4, 8, and 6,10,15,18. Grey ribbon assemblies have been very useful in various including in the computer and printer industry.

What are the application of grey ribbon cable assembly?

Grey ribbon cables have over the years become a necessity in most applications. the cable’s main applications have been seen in different consumer electrical devices and within the manufacturing sector.

Additionally, Grey ribbon cable assemblies have been applied in the production and manufacturing of various devices due to their miniature nature. This feature makes designing different electrical products easy.

Grey flat ribbon cable

Mobile phone industries and the laptop manufacturing industry have been known to apply grey ribbon wire harnesses in their production process.

More so, grey ribbon cable assemblies have been widely used within the military in the construction and manufacture of different military equipment.

The space and aviation industry finds the assembly to be effective in carrying out numerous activities.

What are the different types of grey ribbon cable connectors?

Grey ribbon cable assemblies feature a wide variety of connectors. Some of these connectors come with an IDC termination. Here we’ll discuss just three of them.

  1. The BT 224 Grey Ribbon Cable Connector 

Commonly known as IDC connectors, the BT 224 is a commonly used connector in Grey ribbon wire harnesses. Many standards define this IDC connector type, including DIN 41651 and BS 9525-Foo23.

  1. D-Subminiature Grey Ribbon Connector 

These connectors abide by the crimp and solder bucket standards. It’s therefore perfect for serial ports together with printer ports.

D-Subminiature Grey Ribbon Connector 

  1. Micro Ribbon Cable Connector 

Micro ribbon connectors go by many names. This includes Amphenol, MDR, Mini D connectors, and Telco. The micro-ribbon connector features a shape similar to the D-Subminiature connector but comes with two parallel rows of contact. The connector is perfect for telecommunication equipment and computers that features lots of contacts.

Micro Ribbon Cable Connector 

What are the benefits of grey flat ribbon cable?

The wires of a flat grey ribbon cable are quite flexible and light. Their flat nature on the other hand makes it easy for individual wire protection.

Their flat nature provides a sophisticated RFI/EMI suspension, eliminating issues associated with wire coupling.

How to choose the right grey ribbon cable?

Identifying the right grey ribbon cable is not always an easy task. Owing to this you have to ensure you keep in mind several factors that can guide you in making the right grey ribbon cable decisions. These factors include;

Gray flat ribbon cable

The Pitch

Pitch refers to the spacing of the cable’s conductors. Here the pitch is solely dependent on the cable’s application, requirements and specifications. The commonly used standard pitches include the 2mm, 0.5mm, and 1mm.

Working Temperatures

A grey ribbon cable is designed to withstand various temperate environs. This includes both friendly and harsh environments. However, to get the most out of the cable, especially in unfavorable environs, a silicon jacket might just do the trick.


Grey ribbon cables are known due to their flexible nature. However, depending on your application, you can choose to go for a more flexible option. If the design limits your choice, you can go for a customized grey ribbon cable that fits the task at hand.

Fire Resistant

A cable with the ability to resist fire will work magic. This feature is not just meant for the effectiveness of the equipment. It also plays an important role in the enhancement of safety standards. The chosen grey ribbon cable has to align with the EU’s Restriction for Hazardous Substances and meets all the Safety Standards.

Long Life Span

Always go for a grey ribbon cable assembly with the ability to serve you for long. Such a cable will relieve the stress of having to purchase the ribbon cable again and again.

is grey flat ribbon cable important?

Grey wire harnesses have a vital role in different connections. The cable’s application goes beyond computer and mobile phones devices. Therefore, it is essential to ensure you take your time choosing the right cable that best meets your needs. Remember you’re also not limited as you can order a customized grey ribbon cable from ECOCABLES.

30 pin flat ribbon cable

A typical application that proves the importance of grey ribbon assembly is in computer hardware functions. The assembly plays a critical role in connecting a disk drive to the computer’s disk drive controller.

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