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ECOCABLES thrives in the production of quality Hirose cable assemblies. You can choose the right Hirose cables depending on the application and sizes.

  • Various Hirose connectors are available
  • Our cables support different applications
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • RoHS compliant

Professional Hirose Cable Fabrication Factory

At ECOCABLES, we have what it takes to manufacture high-quality and reliable Hirose cables—a reason why we have become one of the most trusted Hirose wire harness manufacturers across the globe. We offer a more comprehensive range of Hirose cable assemblies featuring unique Hirose connectors for better efficiency. This makes it easier for our Hirose cables to serve the right purpose within different applications.

Some of the commonly used Hirose connectors at ECOCABLES include but are not limited to:

  • I/O connector
  • Standard connectors: USB, D-sub connectors RJ45 and others
  • Wire-to-Board connectors/Wire-to-Wire connectors
  • Board-to-Board/Board-to-FPC connectors
  • FPC/FFC One-piece connectors
  • RF/Coaxial connectors
  • Fiber optical connectors
  • Card edge connectors of 2.54mm pitch etc.
  • Automotive connectors
  • RJ-45/RJ-11 modular connectors
  • Power connectors
  • High speed transmission connectors
  • Sealed connectors

Product By Various Pins Hirose Connector

4 Pin Hirose Cable

Hirose 4 pin male connector to Hirose 4 pin female connector power cable.

5 Pin Hirose Cable

The Hirose 5 pin cable is a cable with Hirose 5 pin connector.

6 Pin Hirose Cable
6 Pin Hirose Cable

The Hirose power cable is a cable with Hirose 6 pin connector.

8 Pin Hirose Cable

The Hirose 8 pin cable is a cable with Hirose 8 pin connector.

10 Pin Hirose Cable
10 Pin Hirose Cable

The Hirose connector cable is a cable with 10 pin Hirose connector.

12 pin hirose cable
12 Pin Hirose Cable

The Hirose 12 pin cable is a cable with Hirose 12 pin connector.

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Other Hirose Cable Assemblies

Hirose to USB Cable

This is a USB to Hirose 4 pin male power cable.

DTAP to Hirose 4 Pin Cable
DTAP to Hirose 4 Pin Cable

This is a  Hirose 4 pin to D-Tap 18″ power cable.

Hirose DF36 Cable
Hirose DF36 Cable

This is a micro coax cable assembly with Hirose DF36-15P connector.

3 Products Found.

I/O Hirose Connectors

I/O connectors come in handy when customizing Hirose cable assemblies. This is because these connectors offer dependable and easy connection something that highly guarantees efficiency during application. The best part is that our rectangular and circular connectors feature power and signal supplies, making them a better choice.

ECOCABLES guarantees a highly customized Hirose cable assembly that can be efficiently designed using different I/O connectors.

Sealed Hirose Connector

Sealed Hirose Connectors

Sealed connectors are perfect for outdoor applications requiring a steady and reliable electrical signal. These connectors feature a higher current and signal range. Nevertheless, sealed connectors offer waterproof IP67 and IP68 performance, making them reliable even in harsh environment applications.

At ECOCABLES, we have the needed experience to customize Hirose cable assemblies using different sealed connectors while maintaining quality and reliability during applications. Feel free to reach out and let us work our magic with our customized Hirose cable assemblies.

RF/Coaxial Hirose Connectors

With standard coaxial connectors like SMA, BNC, and SMB, we can easily design a customized Hirose cable assembly that best suits the needs of your application. We also make use of the Original Hirose Microminiature Coaxial connector, including the X.FL, U.FL, and W.FL, that features a reliable impedance of 50-70 Ohm. We also have Automotive connectors perfect for coaxial and antenna switches and RF inspection circuits.

ECOCABLES should therefore be your choice when it comes to customized Hirose cable assemblies using different varieties of RF/Coaxial connectors.

Automotive Hirose Connectors

Automotive connectors are highly reliable when it comes to coaxial cable connections for vehicle networks, antennas, FFC, and FPC connections, among others. The good thing with automotive connectors is that they abide by the set requirements regarding waterproofing, board-to-cable connections, board-to-board connections, and cable-to-cable connections. The connectors also offer robust and highly reliable connections.

Owing to this, ECOCABLES can easily customize your Hirose cable assembly featuring different automotive connectors for better results during application.

Why Choose ECOCABLES to Custom Hirose Cable Assembly

20-pin LVDS Cable (Hirose Connector)
hirose cable assemblies

With more than 20 years of cable assembly manufacturing, we have what it takes to ensure reliable wire harness solutions for different applications. We are also a highly trusted manufacturer of the best and high-performing Hirose cables that helps our customers achieve the best connections during applications.

As far as Hirose cables are concerned, we have the capability to not only deliver quality cable assemblies but one that is also friendly price-wise. All of our products feature the best designs and must undergo thorough testing before being released to the market. We can also customize the cables as per our client’s requirements—a reason why you should reach out to ECOCABLES when in need of any cable assembly customization, including Hirose cable assemblies.

Recent Products · Series

HR10 Series Connector

ECOCABLES offers cables with HR10 series connectors. These connectors come with the best features, including:

  • Higher and reliable performance circular connectors.
  • Simple but highly reliable designs to withstand compact and high-density application requirements. Even though the HR10 connector series is small in size, the connector features a perfectly integrated design.
  • Features an easy mating and un-mating system.
  • Features different position numbers including 4,5,6,10, 12, and 20.

The HR25 Hirose cable assembly series connector comes equipped with the right features. These include:

  • A small but high-density design that provides for outer plug maximum diameter:4,6 and 8 contacts
  • Features reliable contacts, plugs, receptacles, and plugs
  • A wider variety of product variations with different numbers of contacts, including 4,6,8,12,16 and 20
  • Higher transmission speeds with the ability to support even the CAT.5e Ethernet speeds
  • RoHS compliant

Hirose Cable Assembly Applications


Consumer devices like smart appliances, smartphones, and PC, among other devices, have incorporated the use of ECOCABLES Hirose cable assemblies to ensure consumers are able to get a device that works perfectly.


Automotive applications include autonomous cars, infotainment, automotive lighting, and connections. To achieve the perfect connection within an automobile’s system, car manufacturers across the globe make use of ECOCABLES Hirose cables. This is simply because ECOCABLES offers the best Hirose cables, making such connections easier and more effective.

Industrial Machinery

Hirose cable assemblies serve a variety of industrial machinery applications including, office automation, telecommunication, data centers, and medical and industrial automation among others. ECOCABLES’s Hirose wire harness designs make it easier for the cable to be incorporated into these applications.

Washing Machine Wire Harness
Hirose Cable Assembly in China

With over 20 years of experience as a leading custom Hirose cable assembly manufacturer.

  • “ECOCABLES Hirose cable assemblies are simply superb; the cable assembly worked magic during application while providing an easy connection.”

  • “The staff went above and beyond, from advising us on the designs to ensuring the Hirose cables were delivered on time. I highly recommend them.”

  • “ECOCABLES’s price stood out after having sorted Hirose cable customization from other companies; I finally got what I needed at the best price ever, not forgetting the warm reception accorded to my team and me.”

Hirose Cable: The Ultimate Guide

Hirose cable assemblies play an increasingly significant role in featuring superior performance characteristics across a variety of wireless communication modules.

So what is a Hirose connector cable?

Hirose refers to a connector that’s advanced technologically to incorporate modern technology. Owing to this Hirose connector operates differently. It has the ability to function more diversely while still providing a superior connection to the high demand for innovative connectors.

Hirose Cable Assembly

Hirose connectors feature a well-built design that provides the best reliability contact, an enhanced locking approach, and a higher retention force with better transmission speeds.

What are the types of Hirose connectors?

With over 50,000 available connector variations, Hirose connectors have a vast product portfolio to choose from. Being suitable for many applications, some of their product range includes wire-to-board, board-to-board (power and signal transmission, floating function, large stacking heights), FFC and FPC interfaces as well as coaxial connectors.

Hirose Cable Assembly

What are the technical specification and special features of Hirose wiring harness?

There is a lot of specialized cable assembly with cables and connector types. Besides offering a comprehensive line of generic interconnection products, Hirose cable assembly offers a miniature form factor that entails flexible cable routing, reliable signal/electrical performance, and sturdy mechanical-coupling characteristics. The design is also field-proven.

12 Pin Hirose Cable for Computer

Among many versatile applications, Hirose cable assemblies can be used suitably to transmit high-frequency signals that are low-loss and distortion-free. These assembled cables must ensure communication is powerful and data is uncomplicated for fast transmission of data that directly takes place. Also, it contains a shielded design that makes it far less sensitive to external interferences like damage or electromagnetic fields.

An excellent example of Hirose cable assembly is Coaxial Jumper. This suitable wired solution achieves highly complex flexibility and performance count. Furthermore, they are majorly used in sectors such as electrical and radio technology, communication, and data technology – where both areas demand high transmission quality or shielding.

Hirose Cable Assembly

The Hirose connector features a cable assembly available with both 100mm and 200 mm lengths that allows flexibility in design plus integration. Popularly, the opposite ends feature either an SMA female or FME male bulkhead connectors for this cable assembly while its voltage rating is 30 AC. These interface Hirose cable connectors allow the bulkhead to provide secure mounting options and feature low-mated height plugs that allow for connection in tight spaces. The temperature ranges from -35 °C to +85 °C, with an AWG of 42-46.

Hirose Cable Assembly

Feature of a Hirose Cable Assembly

  1. They are designed to be space-saving, featuring a 0.3-0.5 pitch and low-mated height for reliable electrical and mechanical connection.
  2. A flexible and adaptable hinge guarantees AWG44 & AWG40 compatibility.
  3. Has a tiny plug with a glow plug height.
  4. Halogen-free, RoHS compliant.
  5. Ensures reliable grounding and EMC protection through improved shielding and multi-point ground connections.
  6. High-frequency transmission: Up to 6GHz. V.S.W.R.: 1.3 to 1.5 max., from DC to 3GHz
What is the application of Hirose cable assemblies?

Hirose cable is vastly applicable in Mobile phones, PHS, Radio communications equipment, Internet of Things (IoT), Measurement equipment, antenna connection (GPS, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth), and any other application requiring high-frequency transmission using a small coaxial connector.

Hirose cable assemblies

Since Hirose cable assembly can be used for a wide range of industries, including information technology, automotive, industrial, and aerospace, it is the most popular and suitable choice, hence a vastly preferable assembly used for high-frequency transmission.

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