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Custom Home Appliance Wiring Harness Manufacturer

Leading & innovative provider of customized wiring harness for home appliances.

Home Appliance Wiring Harness

Home Appliance Wiring Harnesses with Various Applications

ECOCABLES is a professional manufacturer and supplier of wiring harnesses for home appliances, widely used in refrigerators, battery cables, ovens, washer machines, air conditioners, etc.

You can tell us your project information and we will customize the home appliance wire harness according to your needs!

Quality and Reliability

Wire harness quality and reliability are our top priorities. We strictly control every step of the wiring harness process to meet the requirements and expectations of customers in all aspects of the project.  

We have established friendly cooperative relationships with many of the world’s leading home appliance companies, and are committed to providing them with safe and reliable household wiring harnesses.

Home Appliance Wiring Harness
Microwave Cable Assemblies

This is a cable assembly used for microwaves.

Refrigerator Wire Harness

The refrigerator wiring harness is responsible for the effective transmission of signals and power.

Computer Cable Assembly

Computer cable assembly transmits data and power within the computer device.

Washing Machine Wire Harness

This is a wire for a washing machine.

Air Conditioner Wiring Harness

This is a cable used for air conditioning.

DuPont Cable

This is a cable assembly with a DuPont connector.

OEM & ODM Service for Various Home Appliance Wire Harnesses

        At present, household appliances on the market are becoming smarter and lighter. Choosing the right wire harness can make the internal connection of these products more convenient, safe, and stable performance.  

        ECOCABLES has over 800 different wire harnesses for the home appliance industry (ovens, stoves, washer machines, air conditioners, etc.).  This enables us to better meet the specific needs of our customers and provide them with the best home appliance wire harness solution.  And our products are highly durable and cost-efficient and are widely demanded all over the world.

        At the same time, we insist on choosing the world’s best connector companies as suppliers, such as TE, Amphenol, MOLEX, ITT-Cannon, JST, KET, etc., which can better provide customers with high quality home appliance cable assemblies.

What is a wire harness?

A wiring harness is a group of wires, cables, and connectors assembled to either transmit electrical signals or power necessary to ensure complete compliance with standards.

Home Appliance Wire Harness

Different wire harnesses vary as they are manufactured depending on arrangement and size that will relate to the device’s application or related environment. There are lots of names that a wiring harness can go with. To start with they can be referred to as electrical wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, RF cables, injection-molded cable assemblies, and many times they are simply called harnesses.

What are the types of wired home appliance harnesses?

All the home appliances that are currently being used feature a wiring harness. Over the years, home appliance wiring harness has become popular. The harnessing has a significant role as it helps by connecting the inside of your home appliances. Be it a refrigerator, washing machine, AC, TV and every piece of equipment. An excellent example of this is an extension cord. The moment you purchase an extension cord, you buy a small home appliance wiring harness. Currently, home appliances are being manufactured keeping in mind the safety and convenience of the users.

Home Appliance Wiring Harness

What is the importance of home appliances wire harness?

The following are a few points that can highlight wiring harnesses for home appliances’ importance in the house.

  1. Wire Harness is Error Free as it is pretested before assembly
  2. Defective wires can affect the functions and power supply of your appliances which in turn affects the effectiveness of the device. This is why any home appliances must be tested to identify and detect broken wires before being taken home.

Home Appliance Wire Harness

Does home appliance wiring harness provide corrosion and moisture protection?

It is important to have protection against external factors like moisture and corrosion. The lifespan of your appliance can easily be affected when exposed to these elements. Precise protection against such elements, therefore, becomes essential. You can also choose to settle for a wiring harness that features the best materials for better insulation for your home appliance wiring harness.

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