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IEC Cable

IEC cable is a cable with an IEC connector. You can just tell me what positions you need and what length you need.

IEC connectors refer to electronic cables that conform to IEC standards.  The specification for IEC connectors is IEC-60320.  Connectors mounted by cable are usually called female connectors or sockets, while connectors mounted by panels are called male connectors or plugs. 

  • Power cord assemblies with various plugs
  • Meets IP67/IP68 waterproof requirements
  • LOW MOQ 50pcs accepted
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • Product name: AC power cord assembly 
  • Type: 3-slot, 18 AWG x 3C, black
  • Safety: IEC-60320 (IEC320) C13 to NEMA 5-15P, UL listed
  • Rated output current: 10 A AMP
  • Input voltage (AC) 125 V-AC

An Outline of IEC Cable

Every electronic device successfully functions when connected to a power supply unit. An IEC cable is among the power cables used to supply electronic devices with the power to operate. Examples of such devices include professional audio equipment, computers, and instrument amplifiers.

If you have any of these devices, you must have interacted with an IEC cable even though you are likely not to know more about it. There are varieties of IEC cables which we will discuss and distinguish them with their properties.

IEC Cable Assembly

An IEC cable comprises different wires bound together using the IEC cable assembly. A cable assembly arranges a group of wires or cables into a single unit. IEC cable assembly can also be referred to as wiring loom or cable harness. The IEC cable assembly is significant in different ways;

NEMA 5-15P to IEC-320-C13 cable

  • It protects the wires from external abrasive forces that are likely to expose the conductors, causing electric shorting.
  • The IEC cable assembly keeps the cables innately together. This makes the installation, repair, and maintenance process quick and easy.
  • The cable assembly comprises a high-strength material mostly made from PVC.
  • It’s not easily cut or damaged by high temperatures as it works best within temperatures -400C to +1050
  • The insulation material is highly flexible, making it easy to fold the IEC cable without damaging it. Also, it’s resistant to moisture, chemical corrosions, and oil.
Types of IEC Cables

IEC Cable

IEC C13/ IEC C14

IEC C13 is an IEC cable with 3-pins (L, N, and E). It’s a connector used on standard mains cable. We use the cable for communications, monitors, computers, and other appliances. It’s the male connection meant to fit in IEC C14 (Female). An IEC C13 is rated to a maximum of 10Amps and 240V. The IEC C14 is a connector normally on IEC extension cables, power supplies, and devices.

IEC C19 /IEC C20

IEC C19 has a 3-pins connection. Its pins are slightly different from those on IEC C13 and IEC C14 connections. The IEC C19 and IEC C20 connectors have a design that enables them to transmit higher current, mostly up to 16Amps. They are shaped differently to ensure other types of connectors can’t connect with them.

IEC Cable Standards

IEC 60331- IEC 60331 gives the specifications on the test method required for cables to maintain circuit integrity in case of fire or any mechanical shock but under particular conditions.

IEC 60332- IEC 60332 provides specific procedures required for testing and evaluating resistance to vertical flame propagation. This looks into a single vertical electrical insulated cable subjected to fire.

IEC 60320 – IEC 60320 comprises the standards by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) providing specifications about the components used to make power supply cables to connect electrical devices up to 250V.

Most often, we use IEC cables at home in household appliances. The cables meet the IEC requirements for approval. They are safe for use with devices with a voltage up to 250V. When using these cables, you don’t need to worry much about your devices. Their safety is catered for.

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