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ECOCABLES manufactures custom industrial Ethernet cable assemblies for all your networking application requirements.

  • Available in UTP, STP, hi-flex, LSZH, and Plenum rated Ethernet cables, etc.
  • Available in shielded and unshielded cable
  • Available in RJ11, RJ12, RJ45, M12 connectors, etc.
  • Meet IP67/IP68 rated

Industrial Ethernet Cable Fabrication

ECOCABLES provides a range of industrial Ethernet cable assemblies that fit our client’s industrial control requirements. Industrial Ethernet refers to the application of the recommended standard Ethernet protocols and extended temperature switches with rugged connectors for industrial environments, particularly in process or automation control.

We are well known for supplying quality industrial Ethernet cables. We have a variety of wire specifications for customers to choose from,  including CAT5/5e, CAT7, and CAT6/6A categories of cables.

Feel free to reach out, and we’ll be more than willing to discuss your industrial connectivity requirements.

Product By Connector Type

M12 to RJ45 Cable

Rugged waterproof M12 D-coded 4 pin plug to shield RJ45 Cat6 plug. Over-molded durable plugs, with strain relief.

M12 8 Pin X-Code RJ45 CAT-7e Cable

M12 X-coded 8-pin plug to RJ45 8P8C plug, solid and smooth connection. Shielded, heavy duty CAT-7e cable.

M12 to RJ45 Industrial Ethernet Cable

Connector A is RJ45, and connector B is M12 D code 4‑pin male. Highly flexible 24 AWG wire with PUR sheath.

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Advantages of Industrial Ethernet Cable Assemblies

Built to Last

Enjoy a peaceful application experience with a reliable and ruggedized industrial Ethernet cable solution that will last for a long time.


Our cable assemblies are perfectly designed for high-capacity data transfers upon installation so as to maintain maximum uptime.

Industrialized Designs

Our industrial Ethernet cables have a rugged industrial-grade ability to withstand different hazards, including EMI, Oil, and UV.

Highly Customizable
Extensive Product

You get to pick the best industrial Ethernet cable assemblies that meet your requirements from a variety of different options.

The Best Fit for Your Industrial Ethernet Cable

ECOCABLES offers the broadest line when it comes to industrial Ethernet cables and cords within the cable industry. ECOCABLES’s industrial Ethernet cables also come with unique advantages that make them stand out among the rest. This includes:

  • IP67 protection level: Our cables can withstand exposure to chemicals, oil, rough handling, temperature variations, and UV, among others without fear of harsh environments.
  • Product Consistency: The cables are manufactured under strict adherence to all standards and within an ISO-certified production facility. ECOCABLES’s state-of-the-art design and production processes guarantee better quality in every product. We believe in product consistency, easy product termination, and quality assembly.
Industrial Ethernet Cable
RJ45 industrial Ethernet cables

ECOCABLES RJ45 Industrial Ethernet Cables

ECOCOCABLES offers a broader variety of RJ-45 cable assemblies with different data transfer rates, including 100 Mbit/s to 1000 Mbit/s. The RJ-45 cable assembly interface was designed to withstand harsh industrial applications while being compatible with the existing data network.

Our wire harness products are generally derived from a more comprehensive product portfolio of RJ-45 connectors as well as Ethernet switches associated with industrial networks within the automation and machinery world. When it comes to harsh environment networking, the IP67 RJ-45 Industrial cables will work perfectly.

In applications where dust and moisture are a problem, the IP67 RJ45 cable will come in handy. This cable features a casketed IP67 plug and a PUR jacket that’s both chemical and UV resistant. Furthermore, these cable assemblies also feature a shielded cable that helps in reducing EMI/RFI.

Our Industrial Ethernet Cable Benefits

ECOCABLES’s industrial Ethernet cables come with lots of advantages, including:

  • Higher data transmission rates for a fast information exchange
  • Provides the company with comprehensive access to applications and data
  • Offer improved work-flow and efficiency
  • Simple but unlimited expansion possibilities
  • Standard control and monitoring for better-optimized production processes
  • Fast and quick assembly due to the connection technology with M12 and RJ45
  • Offers a dynamic bandwidth adjustment from 10/100 Mbit/s, 1 Gbit to the current 10 Gbit/s
Industrial Ethernet Cable

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industrial Ethernet cables
industrial Ethernet cables

Industrial Ethernet wire harnesses are designed to provide a secure, reliable, and fast solution to meet the current demand for Ethernet applications. With the advancement in technology, these cables are also becoming more and more prevalent in future automation applications.

Therefore, ECOCABLES offers dependable industrial Ethernet cable assemblies within the automated industrial field regardless of size and type. Our industrial Ethernet cables have what it takes to withstand different environments that require a more rugged industrial Ethernet cable technology to deliver effectively.

This is also why we offer a full range of industrial Ethernet cables and connection options within various rated cables.

ECOCABLE Industrial Ethernet Cable Assembly Product Details

RJ45 Industrial Network Cable Assembly

The industrial-grade Ethernet cable assembly is designed for applications that involve PLCs, robots, HMI terminals, servos, and any other industry 4.0-related device.

The unique features of RJ 45 industrial Ethernet cable include the following:

  • Flexible, robust cabling for high-motion applications, including servos and robots.
  • Faster speed transfers that go up to 1 gigabit per second
  • Oil-resistant jackets ensure a longer life span, especially in demanding harsh environments.
  • Internal shielding reduces the effects of EMI noise.
  • Customized lengths help in reducing excess cabling.
industrial Ethernet cables

The cable is sealed so as to provide reliable connectivity even in harsh environments. The cable plays a vital role in applications like railways, vision systems, telematics, and automotive assembly lines.

Some of the features of ECOCABLES’s industrial Ethernet cables include:

  • RJ45 and M12 D-coded 4 pin male connectors
  • Industrial Ethernet solutions
  • The IP67 protection level can prevent liquid moisture and fine particles
  • Highly flexible 24 AWG wire with PUR sheath
  • Features an M12 design that meets all IEC specifications.

Industrial Ethernet Cable Families

Industrial Cat 5e Cable
Industrial Category 5e Cable

ECOCABLES’s CAT 5e industrial Ethernet cable is simply your go-to choice. Designed for harsh environments reliability, this copper cable assembly comes in a wide variety of options. The cables are also designed using a unique technology approach known as Belden’s patented Bonded Pair Technology.

Industrial 5e PROFINET Cable

ECOCABLES’s CAT 5e PROFINET will undoubtedly help in maximizing time even in the most demanding application environs. The cables make use of Open Standard technology to provide better and more efficient Ethernet connectivity. This ensures an easy device connection to all different systems for quality factory automation.

Industrial Cat 6 Cable
Industrial Category 6 Cable

ECOCABLES CAT 6 copper cables are well-known for providing the right solution for network applications. With ECOCABLES’s CAT 6 cables, you’ll benefit from our patented Bonded Pair technology, which offers superior reliability and a longer cable life span. Regardless of the harshness of the environment, CAT 6 cables are designed to maximize performance and uptime. The cable’s available options include high-temperature ratings, shielding, and solid or stranded conductors.

Industrial Cat 6A
Industrial Category 6A Cable

These cables are designed with higher bandwidth, more comprehensive frequency ranges, and more environmental and PoE protection. ECOCABLES’s CAT 6A cable supports faster and more reliable data transmission. This performance is highly guaranteed in different installation conditions for up to ten years, even in settings exposed to UV lights, extreme temperatures, and EMI noise. The cable’s high-flex compact variant has been tested and can withstand up to 35 million flex cycles as well as 3 million torsion cycles.

Single Pair Ethernet Cable
Single-Pair Ethernet Cable

ECOCABLES single pair Ethernet wire harness has the ability to minimize the complexity that comes with powering and connecting edge devices while still providing a higher bandwidth reach with a single twisted pair. These single-pair Ethernet cables offer reliable and uninterrupted connectivity with a solid jacketing and shielding option from remote field devices to the clouds, even within the harshest environs.

Washing Machine Wire Harness
KDM - Custom Industrial Ethernet Cables Manufacturer in China

Worked for over 20 years in this industry. Offers complete customization services for custom industrial Ethernet cables according to customers’ requests and requirements.

  • “With ECOCABLES’s industrial Ethernet cables, I was able to get a robust and flexible cabling system that not only provided faster data transmissions but one that was also able to withstand different environs.”

  • “Industrial Ethernet customization is never easy, but with ECOCABLES, I got one of the best customization services that solved my application solution to the fullest.”

  • “Getting an industrial Ethernet cable assembly that’s able to serve for a more extended period was quite a challenge until I chose to work with ECOCABLES, it’s now six years down the line, and their cables still continue to offer optimum service.”

Industrial Ethernet Cable Assembly: The Ultimate Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you need to know about custom metal letters.

Are industrial Ethernet cable assemblies commonly used in everyday life?

Industrial Ethernet assembly has become the norm within the industrial sectors. These cables use a standard developed approach and integrate them into the manufacturing of networks.

Industrial Ethernet cable

This means customized cables must be made to facilitate data transfer in such a sector. Such a demand has seen the rise in the popularity of industrial Ethernet assemblies.

What are industrial Ethernet cable assemblies?

Industrial Ethernet cable refers to a cable assembly that works by integrating standard Ethernet principles with exaggerated temperature switches with more rugged connectors. They are suitable for industrial environments, precisely automation control. The protocols involved in the industrial Ethernet cables include EtherCat and PROFINET, among others.

Industrial Ethernet assemblies are therefore quite different from the common Ethernet cables found at the office. They are built to withstand gruesome circumstances like high temperatures, water, grease, and dust and still ensure they work to transfer data from one machine to the other.

Its quality is paramount for industrial Ethernet cables to work the way you want. They are designed to work under specific circumstances to carry out certain functions. These circumstances may include;

  1. Extreme temperatures, either hot or cold
  2. Dust & dirt
  3. UV exposure
  4. Grease, water, and oil
What are the applications of industrial Ethernet cable assemblies?

Industrial Ethernet cables transfer data networking in harsh environments – In areas where moisture, grease, or dust are prevalent. They are made in such a way that makes them survive those extreme environments. For example, the RJ45 cables have casket plugs and are jacketed to make them UV and chemical-resistant.

industrial Ethernet cable assemblies

Additionally, they are shielded to reduce RFI/EMI. It has a metal spring for an added mounting device with a push and pulls thread interlock. You can use the connector in multiple contact areas per pin while combining it with a particular RJ-45 Modular jack, which helps to prevent signal interruption in real time.

They are great for an ordinary factory floor, networking for machine builders, and networking for unit integration.

Will industrial Ethernet cable assemblies be the main communication method?

In regards to the ever-growing prevalence, automated industry sites are quickly replacing serial connections with highly effective Ethernet assemblies as the main communication method.

Industrial Ethernet cable

The expectation of better connection quality is also highly demanding – A reason why we provide extensive and high-quality Industrial Ethernet cables for a reliable connection.

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