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Industrial Wiring Harness

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We provide a wide range of industrial wiring harnesses including multi-core, shielding, flat, strip, coaxial, etc.

All our wires, cables, and accessories are UL, CE, VDE, or other safety certifications. We welcome you to learn more about our industrial cable assemblies.

Types of Industrial Cable Harness

Industrial cable harness exists in very many types as stated earlier. This is all attributed to the high demand for such cable assemblies within different industrial sectors. Some of the commonly used industrial wiring harness types include:

  • AV (Audio/Visual) cable assemblies
  • Multicore assemblies.
  • Computer cables
  • Patch cable assemblies
  • Telecommunication cable assemblies
  • Networking and communication wiring harness
  • … …
Industrial Wiring Harness
Aptiv Wiring Harness

Aptiv wiring harness is a cable using Aptiv connector.

Delphi Wiring Harness

Delphi wiring harness is made by using Delphi connectors to make cables.

D-SUB Cable Aassembly

D-SUB cable assembly is a cable using D-SUB connector.

Coaxial Cable Assemblies

This is a cable used to transmit data, the internet, video, and voice communications.

Right Angle M12 X-Coded 8 Pole to RJ45 Industrial Ethernet Cat6 Cable (2)

Industrial Ethernet cable provides support for Ethernet /IP.

Amphenol Cable Assemblies

Amphenol cable assembly is a cable by using Amphenol connector.

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High Quality Industrial Wiring Harness Supplier

          Industrial wiring harnesses need to withstand high quality requirements of rapid acceleration and deceleration, tension, compression, and torsion stress, as well as millions of cycles of bending. At the same time, industrial wire harnesses are usually high current and have high requirements on wires.

         And our industrial wire harness quality has been achieved to the highest quality standards and can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

         At the same time, we insist on choosing the world’s best connector companies as suppliers, such as TE, Amphenol, MOLEX, ITT-Cannon, JST, KET, etc., which can better provide customers with high quality industrial cable assemblies.

What should we consider when choosing industrial wiring harness?

An industrial wire harness has to be dependable, just like the equipment parts they control. To manage different operations, you, therefore, require industrial cable assemblies with the ability to offer full control during applications and, at the same time, provide the appropriate data within a given time.

industrial wiring harness

When choosing an industrial wiring harness, you must consider your application area and required specifications. With specifications, you must have a clear understanding of the shielding, gender, and the recommended approvals, as well as certifications.

Bearing this in mind, let’s dive in and expand our knowledge as far as industrial cable assembly is concerned.

How to identify industrial wire harness work?

Industrial wiring assemblies come in different types. This means you must have knowledge of how to identify each type. The easiest approach is by using receptacles and plugs used in each assembly. The same applies to industrial wiring harnesses. With customization, the different types will highly depend on the application that is meant to serve.

The size and electrical specs are also a result of the applications the assemblies have to handle. This also goes with the certification and approvals needed. Currently, there are so many suppliers offering custom industrial wiring harnesses for different industrial purposes. Some of the common applications include automobiles, AV, and telecommunication applications.

You can also get a customized industrial wiring harness for your company’s LAN applications and industrial instrumentation and control systems. The commonly known custom wiring harnesses include cable extenders and patch cords that perfectly fit various applications.

What are the types of industrial wiring harnesses?

Industrial wiring harness exists in very many types as stated earlier. This is all attributed to the high demand for such cable assemblies within different industrial sectors. Some of the commonly used industrial wiring harnesses include:

  • AV (Audio/Visual) cable assemblies: these assemblies are a perfect option for anyone looking to connect a variety of video or audio equipment to a PC. It can also be applied to other AV equipment. Common examples include DVI and VGA cables.
  • Multicore assemblies. These cables feature the ability to perform two or even more applications at once using a single wire harness. A good example is having data, signal, and power within a single wire harness.
  • Computer cables. Used mostly in the connection of monitors and hard drives. It can also be applied to other computing devices or systems. These cables include USB, HDMI, UTP, and IDE cables, among others.
  • Patch cable assemblies. Commonly referred to as optical cable assemblies have a major role in connecting more than two devices. They also offer wider application options and feature different lengths. Common application includes panel and Ethernet connections.
  • Telecommunication cable assemblies. Specifically used in the connection of intercoms and telephones.
  • Networking and communication wiring harness. They are mainly used in transmitting data and networks within a computer and a controller.

industrial wiring harness

How to choose the right industrial wiring harness?

With an increase in industrial activities within almost every sector, industrial wiring harness has gained lots of popularity over the years. This has also led to a rise in the number of manufacturers all claiming to be the best. Therefore, it is important that you take your time and conduct the right research before settling on a particular supplier. This will help you get a custom industrial cable assembly that perfectly suits your application.

industrial wiring harness

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