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Inverter Battery Cable

An inverter battery cable is a power electronic wire that changes direct current to alternating current in a battery. These cables are used to power electrical applications with high winds and voltages.

Moreover, they are built to be applied between a battery bank and an inverter cable.

Power inverter battery cables are also suitable for transformers, controls, and electronic circuits. They can be applied as battery charger cables and power hookup cables. In other cases, some are approved for both internal and external wiring of appliances.

  • LOW MOQ 50pcs accepted
  • The prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • Length: 15”/38.1cm
  • Heavy-duty 4 gauge black cables
  • All copper conductor
  • Flexible enough for your application
  • The ring size is 3/8” stud
Types of Inverter Battery Cable

Manufactured in various shapes and sizes, this Power inverter battery cable is classified according to the power ratings used during application.

The 4 American Wire Gauge Battery Cable

They are primarily used on power inverters with a high rating power of 1500watts. Moreover, this type of inverter battery connection cable is used on different power inverters that generate a power watt of between 900- 1200watts.

4 American Wire Gauge Battery Cable

The 1/0 American Wire Gauge Battery Cables

This battery cable applies to power inverters with a power rating of 3500 watts. Furthermore, watt-inverters with a power rating ranging from 2000 to 3500 watts are effectively operational using this power inverter battery cable. In addition, they are widely used with 200 and 300ANL fuses and fuse kits.

1/0 American Wire Gauge Battery Cables

The 4/0 American Wire Gauge Battery Cables

Applicable to 3500 watts rated power inverters and mainly used to power inverters with a higher power rating ranging from 4000 to 12000 watts. Furthermore, these inverter battery connection cables are used together with 500 ANL fuse kits.

4 Gauge Battery Cable

Features and Specifications of Inverter Battery Cable

Inverter battery connection cables are pure copper. Furthermore, some have 8 feet of 10 gauge black grounding cable with lug connectors. The lug connectors are 5/16 inch or 3/8 inch long.

Also, they can come with extra battery cable lugs that allow attaching the appropriate stud size for the battery and inverter mounting terminals. In addition, the lug connectors allow for all possible combinations for inverters and batteries.

Inverter Battery Cable

Moreover, the inverter battery cable lugs are pure copper with corrosion-resistant to tin coating. They operate at a 600volts maximum, temperature range of -55 Celsius to +125 Celsius; they are resistant to most solvents and fire-resistant.

Advantages of the Inverter Battery Cable

Inverter battery connection cables are famous for their suitability for auto motors, appliances, and electronics use. Also, most have attached battery connectors that are reliable during installation.

Additionally, the inverter battery wire conductor is supported by copper and is PVC insulated to reduce corrosions caused by electric currents. Also, they have an extra flexible usage performance, are well resistant to oil, heat, and flame, and are convenient for use.

Inverter Battery Cable

Anyone interested in using the inverter battery connection cables should consider the excellent quality before purchase. Features and specifications of the commodity are vital in ensuring that the overall performance is good. Moreover, the item and flexible nature make them a great thing in the electronic field. Contact us for more info about power inverter battery cables. Our team is available 24/7 to serve you.

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