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JST 2 Pin Cable

JST 2 pin cable is a cable using 2 pin JST connector. JST 2 pin connectors are compactly tight-fitting and easy to use, making them ideal for different applications.

JST connector has various series connectors, you can tell me what kind of JST connector you need.

  • Suitable for 14awg to 32awg
  • 2 pin JST connector
  • Male and female connector
  • Cross / replacement connector is available
  • LOW MOQ 50pcs accepted
  • Prototype is available, lead time: 1-3 days
  • Product Name: JST 2 pin cable
  • Wire: 24awg
  • Wire Length: 10cm / 3.9inch
  • Connector: 2 pins JST connector, one side for plug and the other side for welding
  • Application: mini RC helicopter, indoor 3D plane, and LED strips
What are the features of a cable JST 2 pin?

A 2 pin JST cable connector features 2.5mm pin spacing with a compact internal locking system. The tight-fitting interlocking mechanism makes the connector perfect for a wide range of applications.

JST 2 Pin Cable

Due to their internal locking system, they can be easily used for connections that need to stay together even when exposed to different forces such as vibration.

These connectors have a rating of up to 3A. However, as much as the PVC coated wires can handle 3A, they will become a bit warmer under a full load.

What is the benefit of a cable JST 2 pin inner housing lock?

The housing lock feature is important in securing the connector’s plug into the receptacles, thus preventing any disconnection error. The lock is also protected on either side, making them resistant to external forces, which may result from routing wires.

JST 2 Pin Cable

Can a cable JST 2 pin female connector mate with other JST male connectors?

A JST 2 pin cable female connector will easily mate with corresponding JST male connectors or plug into a 2 pin standard male header. Due to the firm insertion force, the connection will remain tight, making the connector suitable for long-term application.

 JST 2 Pin Cable

A JST 2 pin connector is perfectly crimped to a wire. This is good as a higher insertion force, and the small size normally tends to pull on the wires for proper disconnection of the mating connectors.

What is the function of a JST 2 pin cable connector?

A JST 2 pin cable connector offers more than just a simple connection. This connector comes in black and red with copper and PVC materials. It is a reliable and convenient connector with the ability to save time during application.

For the best custom cable JST 2 pin connector, you can always rely on ECOCABLES for the best customization.

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