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Professional JST cable assembly factory in China. Different cables with JST connectors and terminals available.

JST Cable

Custom JST Cables with Different Pitch JST Connectors

We can offer custom JST cables with solderless terminals and splices, WTW connector and WTB connector.

They are widely used in traffic and electronics device with an economic cost, also ROHS & Reach compliant. Very common series is PHR, XHP, SHR, PHD, etc used in harness cable assemblies.

Common JST Connector Types

JST produces lots of series or connector’s families. For example, PCB or wire-to-wire connectors can be found in either top or side entry and through-hole or surface-mount. Other examples of the JST connector series include:

    • ACH series:
    • WPJ series
    • ZE series
    • ZPD series connector
    • PND series connector
    • VL connector series
    • PH series wire-to-board crimp style connectors
    • … …
JST cable
jst ph cable

PH connector is 2.0mm pitch wire to board connector.

jst sh cable

SH connector is the small pitch of 1.0mm for 28awg wire and OD less than 0.8mm.

JST XH Cable

XH connector is 2.5mm pitch and suitable for 22awg.

JST ZH Cable

ZH connector features a 1.5mm pitch with a disconnectable crimp style.

JST GH Cable

GH connector is 1.25 mm pitch disconnectable crimp style connectors.

jst vh cable

VH connector is 3.96mm pitch and suitable for 16-22awg.

ECOCABLES Deliver Faster JST Cables

        Customers who need cable and harnesses are from many fields such as home appliances, electronics, design companies, PCBA, telecommunications, etc.

        As one of the largest and top wire harness manufacturers, ECOCABLES builds up a good relationship with JST manufacturers and distributors. We keep issuing orders of most common connectors such as PHR, SHR, PHD, PHR, etc. to JST the whole year. Therefore, it makes our stock meeting any urgent order or big order of harness wire.

        At the same time, we will also offer you our professional advice on the cross connector of JST.

        A local connector with the same specs but a faster lead time and a lower price will be also a good option for you. Just talk to us and share your assembly wire idea today!


What are JST cable connectors?

JST cable assembly connectors can be defined as quality connectors or plugs with the ability to meet a range of applications with a wire harness system. These connectors stand out owing to the fact that they are simple to use. A reason as to why they are the best JST cable connectors for bridging different electrical connections. They also have the ability to transfer electrical signals within an equipment system, including computers. However, they are mostly not recommended for mechanical uses, particularly where they will be required to work under very harsh conditions.

JST cable

What are the JST connector series ?

JST produces lots of series or connector’s families. For example, PCB or wire-to-wire connectors can be found in either top or side entry and through-hole or surface-mount. Other examples of the JCT connector series include:

  • ACH series: This connector comes in two different types. This is the 2 and 3 circuit range. It also has an ampere of up to 2.0.
  • WPJ series: an effective connector for any application that necessitates extreme conditions environs including high moisture.
  • ZE series: A wire to board connector that comes with secure locking features for the perfect mating integrity within a connector
  • ZPD series connector: This JST wire to board crimp style connector features a secure locking device that prevents any accidental disconnections arising due to wire routing or vibrations.
  • PND series connector: this connector has the ability to accommodate a wire size of up to 22 or 28 AWG and a rating of 3 amperes.
  • PNI series connector: This crimp-style connector can be used in the application of both wire-to-wire and wire-to-board devices.
  • VL connector series: this connector is perfect for an application that features either wire-to-wire or wire-to-board connections.

JST Cable Assembly

How are JST connectors soldered?

Most of the through-hole JST headers cannot withstand the needed temperature required to withstand reflow soldering. This is owing to the fact that the plastic features a lower melting point. The plastic design is meant for wave soldering approaches. However, some of the JST connector headers, particularly from the surface-mount series, have been designed to thrive even in higher reflow soldering temperatures.

JST cable

What are the common JST connector types?

There are lots of electrical cable connectors that are being produced by JST which includes:

  • JST PH connector: With a 2.0 mm pitch, this connector is designed to meet the demand for the high-density connection of internal wires to PC boards.
  • JST PA connector: This board-to-wire connector features a 2.0 mm pitch. It offers efficient and secure locking options with the ability to ensure you get the most out of your cable assembly.
  • JST ZH connector: Also known as JST cable Micro Connector features 1.5 mm pitch. The retention lances of this connector’s housing make it simple for insertion.
  • JST EH connector: With a 2.5 mm pitch, this connector is designed to tackle the current demand for high-density connections between internal wires and a PC board. It features thin dimples for positive and low contact resistance every time.
  • JST EL connector: This connector features a 4.55mm pitch. JST EL connector design comes with lots of benefits to the user. Its compacts are easy to insert into the connector’s housing.
  • JST SH connector: This connector features a 1.0mm pitch. The receptacle has protrusions at both ends allowing the operator to detach the receptacle from the junction box without holding the wires.

JST Cable

JST connector internet confusion

Most people usually make the mistake of describing connectors with wrong names which in turn leads to confusion regarding the exact or right series of a particular connector. Most blogs and websites also do the mistake of naming a connector by the manufacturer’s name only.

To eliminate such confusion it is advisable to name a connector by starting with the manufacturer’s name, the connector series, and lastly the connector’s pitch. For JST the company has a specific tool that helps users in confirming different models for specification and authenticity reasons.

Why is a JST connector important?

Irrespective of the kind of application needed on a device, there is always a JST cable connector that is ready to do the task. A JST SM two-pin connector will work perfectly within an LED light strip.

A JST cable connector has a lot to offer in the manufacture of different cable assemblies. Despite being an affordable connector, they have unique features that make them stand out. However, you have to make sure you go for one that perfectly suits your system and application for the best result and connection. You can also get a customized JST cable connector for maximum efficiency.

JST cable

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