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JST GH Cable

JST GH cable is a cable using JST GHR connector.  You can choose the JST cable with various GHR connectors ranging from 2 circuits to 15 circuits.

It features a 1.25mm that makes this low insertion connector type achieve easy mating operations. This connector also has a current rating of up to 1.0 amperes.

  • 1.25mm pitch
  • Suitable for 26awg to 30awg, OD 0.76mm to 1.0mm
  • Cross / replacement connector is available
  • ROHS & REACH & HF compliant,tested by SGS
  • Mass production 5-7 days possible
  • Suitable for automatic crimping
  • Product Name: JST GH cable
  • Wire Specification: UL1007 28awg
  • Total length: 40MM
  • Wire material: copper + PVC
  • Connector Type: GH connector
  • Pin Number: 10pin to 10pin
  • Pin Pitch: 1.25mm pitch
Why choose a JST GH cable?

 A JST GH cable connecter is developed for LCD, PDP, and also small electrical devices. The JST GH contact basic concept is simply equivalent to the proven performance of an SHL connector. It features an innovative housing lock design system that makes it a perfect locking device that is simple to handle and also secure.

 jst gh cable

What is the purpose of a JST GH connector contact lock structure?

The JST GH contact lock structure provides the perfect click feeling when it comes to mating. This on the other hand prevents any improper mating that might arise during the cable assembly.

6 Pin JST GH Cable

How does a JST GH connector prevent the deformation of cabling assembly contacts?

JST GH cable connector features a fork-shaped header contact that is perfectly supported by grooves located within the housing walls. The grooves are designed to assist in the prevention of deformation of the contacts.

jst gh cable

What are the specifications of a JST GH cable connector?

It comes with a 3.75mm length and 4.15mm width. It can be used with a board-in cable connector and a crimp connector. Its low insertion force makes it possible for the connector to offer clear click sounds

The connectors housing is made from PBT materials that come with body orientation of either right angle or straight. The connector contains a single row with 2 contacts.

jst gh cable


How to choose the right JST GH cable connector?

A JST GH cable connector has a lot of importance in any application. However, you have to make sure you choose a JST GH connector that perfectly suits your needs. You can also choose to go for customized JST GH connectors with a different pitch for better efficiency.

jst gh connector cable

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